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#include "calIWcapCalendar.idl"
#include "calIDateTime.idl"
#include "calIOperation.idl"

 * WCAP session.
[scriptable, uuid(477B4534-C297-40a1-ADF2-5A7E2A81816A)]
interface calIWcapSession : nsISupports
     * Setting this URI causes the session to logged out and disconnected.
    attribute nsIURI uri;

     * User that has established this session.
     * @exception NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if not logged in
    readonly attribute string userId;

     * Determines whether the user is currentl logged in.
     * Does _not_ check whether the user's ticket has timed out!
    readonly attribute boolean isLoggedIn;

     * Gets the default calendar instance of this session.
    readonly attribute calIWcapCalendar defaultCalendar;