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Bug 469581 - |make *test*| doesn't accept arguments, like --leak-threshold; (Bv1-CC) Keep SeaMonkey |mochitest-browser-chrome| in sync'; r=kairo

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
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<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://communicator/skin/" type="text/css"?>

<!DOCTYPE overlay SYSTEM "chrome://debugQA/locale/pref-debug1.dtd" >

<overlay xmlns="">
  <prefpane id="debugqa_prefs_debug1" label="&lHeader;">

    <preferences id="debugqa_preferences">
      <preference id="nglayout.debug.paint_flashing"
                  name="nglayout.debug.paint_flashing" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="nglayout.debug.paint_dumping"
                  name="nglayout.debug.paint_dumping" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="nglayout.debug.invalidate_dumping"
                  name="nglayout.debug.invalidate_dumping" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="nglayout.debug.event_dumping"
                  name="nglayout.debug.event_dumping" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="nglayout.debug.motion_event_dumping"
                  name="nglayout.debug.motion_event_dumping" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="nglayout.debug.crossing_event_dumping"
                  name="nglayout.debug.crossing_event_dumping" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="layout.reflow.showframecounts"
                  name="layout.reflow.showframecounts" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="layout.reflow.dumpframecounts"
                  name="layout.reflow.dumpframecounts" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="layout.reflow.dumpframebyframecounts"
                  name="layout.reflow.dumpframebyframecounts" type="bool"/>

    <!-- nothing on this page has accesskeys because this is a temporary debug
         panel and you can damn well click the widgets! -->

    <!-- Event Debugging -->  
      <caption label="&debugEventDebugging.label;"/>
      <vbox align="start">
        <checkbox id="nglayoutDebugPaintFlashing" label="&debugPaintFlashing.label;"
        <checkbox id="nglayoutDebugPaintDumping" label="&debugPaintDumping.label;"
        <checkbox id="nglayoutDebugInvalidateDumping"
        <checkbox id="nglayoutDebugEventDumping" label="&debugEventDumping.label;"
        <checkbox id="nglayoutDebugMotionEventDumping"
        <checkbox id="nglayoutDebugCrossingEventDumping"

    <!-- Reflow events -->
      <caption label="&debugReflowEvents.label;"/>
      <vbox align="start">
        <checkbox id="layoutReflowShowFrameCounts" label="&debugReflowShowFrameCounts.label;"
        <checkbox id="layoutReflowDumpFrameCounts" label="&debugReflowDumpFrameCounts.label;"
        <checkbox id="layoutReflowDumpFrameByFrameCounts" label="&debugReflowDumpFrameByFrameCounts.label;"