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Bug 1608610 - Fix error 'gDataMigrator not defined'. r=darktrojan This error would occur when initially setting up the Home calendar: Migrator error: ReferenceError: gDataMigrator is not defined calendar-management.js:423 initHomeCalendar chrome://calendar/content/calendar-management.js:423 loadCalendarManager chrome://calendar/content/calendar-management.js:122 commonInitCalendar chrome://calendar/content/calendar-chrome-startup.js:28 ltnOnLoad chrome://lightning/content/messenger-overlay-sidebar.js:386 (Async: EventListener.handleEvent) <anonymous> chrome://lightning/content/messenger-overlay-sidebar.js:753

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# This file needs to stay here even if empty so that mach will work,
# specifically commands like mach file-info.