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Bug 459500 - "Remove unnecessary entries from packages-static" [r=ause]

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 * This interface is implemented by libmime. This interface is used by
 * a Content-Type handler "Plug In" (i.e. vCard) for accessing various
 * internal information about the object class system of libmime. When
 * libmime progresses to a C++ object class, this would probably change.
#ifndef nsIMimeObjectClassAccess_h_
#define nsIMimeObjectClassAccess_h_

#include "prtypes.h"

// {C09EDB23-B7AF-11d2-B35E-525400E2D63A}
      { 0xc09edb23, 0xb7af, 0x11d2,   \
      { 0xb3, 0x5e, 0x52, 0x54, 0x0, 0xe2, 0xd6, 0x3a } }

class nsIMimeObjectClassAccess : public nsISupports {

  // These methods are all implemented by libmime to be used by
  // content type handler plugins for processing stream data.

  // This is the write call for outputting processed stream data.
  NS_IMETHOD    MimeObjectWrite(void *mimeObject,
                                char *data,
                                PRInt32 length,
                                PRBool user_visible_p) = 0;

  // The following group of calls expose the pointers for the object
  // system within libmime.
  NS_IMETHOD    GetmimeInlineTextClass(void **ptr) = 0;
  NS_IMETHOD    GetmimeLeafClass(void **ptr) = 0;
  NS_IMETHOD    GetmimeObjectClass(void **ptr) = 0;
  NS_IMETHOD    GetmimeContainerClass(void **ptr) = 0;
  NS_IMETHOD    GetmimeMultipartClass(void **ptr) = 0;
  NS_IMETHOD    GetmimeMultipartSignedClass(void **ptr) = 0;

  NS_IMETHOD    MimeCreate(char* content_type, void * hdrs, void * opts, void **ptr) = 0;


#endif /* nsIMimeObjectClassAccess_h_ */