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First part of Bug 443351 Move all of Thunderbird's unofficial/nightly branding items into mail/branding/nightly - content files and thunderbird-branding.js. r=mkmelin

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#include "nsIURL.h"
#include "nsStringGlue.h"
#include "nsIEnumerator.h"
#include "msgCore.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

class nsILocalFile;
class nsIPrefBranch;
class nsIMsgFolder;
class nsIMsgMessageService;
class nsIUrlListener;
class nsIOutputStream;
class nsIInputStream;
class nsIMsgDatabase;
class nsIMutableArray;

//These are utility functions that can used throughout the mailnews code

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult GetMessageServiceContractIDForURI(const char *uri, nsCString &contractID);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult GetMessageServiceFromURI(const nsACString& uri, nsIMsgMessageService **aMessageService);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult GetMsgDBHdrFromURI(const char *uri, nsIMsgDBHdr **msgHdr);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult CreateStartupUrl(const char *uri, nsIURI** aUrl);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgGetPriorityFromString(
                       const char * const priority,
                       nsMsgPriorityValue & outPriority);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgGetPriorityValueString(
                       const nsMsgPriorityValue p,
                       nsACString & outValueString);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgGetUntranslatedPriorityName(
                       const nsMsgPriorityValue p,
                       nsACString & outName);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgHashIfNecessary(nsAutoString &name);
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgHashIfNecessary(nsCAutoString &name);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgCreatePathStringFromFolderURI(const char *aFolderURI, 
                                                         nsCString& aPathString,
                                                         PRBool aIsNewsFolder=PR_FALSE);

NS_MSG_BASE PRBool NS_MsgStripRE(const char **stringP, PRUint32 *lengthP, char **modifiedSubject=nsnull);

NS_MSG_BASE char * NS_MsgSACopy(char **destination, const char *source);

NS_MSG_BASE char * NS_MsgSACat(char **destination, const char *source);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgEscapeEncodeURLPath(const nsAString& aStr,
                                               nsCString& aResult);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_MsgDecodeUnescapeURLPath(const nsACString& aPath,
                                                 nsAString& aResult);

NS_MSG_BASE PRBool WeAreOffline();

// Check if a folder with aFolderUri exists
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult GetExistingFolder(const nsCString& aFolderURI, nsIMsgFolder **aFolder);

// Escape lines starting with "From ", ">From ", etc. in a buffer.
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult EscapeFromSpaceLine(nsIOutputStream *ouputStream, char *start, const char *end);
NS_MSG_BASE PRBool IsAFromSpaceLine(char *start, const char *end);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_GetPersistentFile(const char *relPrefName,
                                          const char *absPrefName,
                                          const char *dirServiceProp, // Can be NULL
                                          PRBool& gotRelPref,
                                          nsILocalFile **aFile,
                                          nsIPrefBranch *prefBranch = nsnull);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_SetPersistentFile(const char *relPrefName,
                                          const char *absPrefName,
                                          nsILocalFile *aFile,
                                          nsIPrefBranch *prefBranch = nsnull);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult CreateServicesForPasswordManager();

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult IsRFC822HeaderFieldName(const char *aHdr, PRBool *aResult);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_GetUnicharPreferenceWithDefault(nsIPrefBranch *prefBranch,   //can be null, if so uses the root branch
                                                        const char *prefName,
                                                        const nsAString& defValue,
                                                        nsAString& prefValue);
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult NS_GetLocalizedUnicharPreferenceWithDefault(nsIPrefBranch *prefBranch,   //can be null, if so uses the root branch
                                                                 const char *prefName,
                                                                 const nsAString& defValue,
                                                                 nsAString& prefValue);

   * this needs a listener, because we might have to create the folder
   * on the server, and that is asynchronous
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult GetOrCreateFolder(const nsACString & aURI, nsIUrlListener *aListener);

// Returns true if the nsIURI is a message under an RSS account
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult IsRSSArticle(nsIURI * aMsgURI, PRBool *aIsRSSArticle);

// digest needs to be a pointer to a 16 byte buffer
#define DIGEST_LENGTH 16

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MSGCramMD5(const char *text, PRInt32 text_len, const char *key, PRInt32 key_len, unsigned char *digest);
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MSGApopMD5(const char *text, PRInt32 text_len, const char *password, PRInt32 password_len, unsigned char *digest);

// helper functions to convert a 64bits PRTime into a 32bits value (compatible time_t) and vice versa.
NS_MSG_BASE void PRTime2Seconds(PRTime prTime, PRUint32 *seconds);
NS_MSG_BASE void PRTime2Seconds(PRTime prTime, PRInt32 *seconds);
NS_MSG_BASE void Seconds2PRTime(PRUint32 seconds, PRTime *prTime);
// helper function to generate current date+time as a string
NS_MSG_BASE void MsgGenerateNowStr(nsACString &nowStr);

// Appends the correct summary file extension onto the supplied fileLocation
// and returns it in summaryLocation.
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult GetSummaryFileLocation(nsILocalFile* fileLocation,
                                            nsILocalFile** summaryLocation);

// Gets a special directory and appends the supplied file name onto it.
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult GetSpecialDirectoryWithFileName(const char* specialDirName,
                                                     const char* fileName,
                                                     nsIFile** result);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgGetFileStream(nsILocalFile *file, nsIOutputStream **fileStream);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgReopenFileStream(nsILocalFile *file, nsIInputStream *fileStream);

// fills in the position of the passed in keyword in the passed in keyword list
// and returns false if the keyword isn't present
NS_MSG_BASE PRBool MsgFindKeyword(const nsCString &keyword, nsCString &keywords, PRInt32 *aStartOfKeyword, PRInt32 *aLength);

NS_MSG_BASE PRBool MsgHostDomainIsTrusted(nsCString &host, nsCString &trustedMailDomains);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgMailboxGetURI(nsILocalFile *aLocalPath, nsACString &mailboxUri);

// gets an nsILocalFile from a UTF-8 file:// path
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgGetLocalFileFromURI(const nsACString &aUTF8Path, nsILocalFile **aFile);

NS_MSG_BASE void MsgStripQuotedPrintable (unsigned char *src);

NS_MSG_BASE void MsgCompressWhitespace(nsCString& aString);

 * Utility function copied from nsReadableUtils
NS_MSG_BASE PRBool MsgIsUTF8(const nsACString& aString);

 * Utility functions that call functions from nsINetUtil

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgEscapeString(const nsACString &aStr,
                                     PRUint32 aType, nsACString &aResult);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgUnescapeString(const nsACString &aStr, 
                                       PRUint32 aFlags, nsACString &aResult);

NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgEscapeURL(const nsACString &aStr, PRUint32 aFlags,
                                  nsACString &aResult);

 * Utility functions that got moved from nsEscape

NS_MSG_BASE char *MsgEscapeHTML(const char *string);

NS_MSG_BASE PRUnichar *MsgEscapeHTML(const PRUnichar *aSourceBuffer,
                                     PRInt32 aSourceBufferLen);

// Converts an array of nsMsgKeys plus a database, to an array of nsIMsgDBHdrs.
NS_MSG_BASE nsresult MsgGetHeadersFromKeys(nsIMsgDatabase *aDB, const nsTArray<nsMsgKey> &aKeys,
                                           nsIMutableArray *aHeaders);