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Bug 482966 - "MAPI support for Windows Explorer Send To Mail Recipient doesn't work in 3.0b2" [r+sr=bienvenu]

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#include <windows.h>
#include "nsNativeAppSupportWin.h"

1 24 "thunderbird.exe.manifest" 

// Program icon.

#ifdef DEBUG
    IDS_STARTMENU_APPNAME,              "Thunderbird Debug"
    IDS_STARTMENU_APPNAME,              "Thunderbird"


// XXX This code is copied from resource.h and widget.rc.  It's a work-around
// for the limitation that only one resource file can be used in an .exe.  We
// should develop a method, for static builds only, to combine multiple .rc
// files into a single .rc file, and then use that to build the single .res
// file for the .exe.

#define IDC_GRAB                        4101
#define IDC_GRABBING                    4102
#define IDC_CELL                        4103
#define IDC_COPY                        4104
#define IDC_ALIAS                       4105
#define IDC_ZOOMIN                      4106
#define IDC_ZOOMOUT                     4107
#define IDC_COLRESIZE                   4108
#define IDC_ROWRESIZE                   4109
#define IDC_VERTICALTEXT                4110
#define IDC_NONE                        4112

IDC_GRAB                CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/grab.cur"
IDC_GRABBING            CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/grabbing.cur"
IDC_CELL                CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/cell.cur"
IDC_COPY                CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/copy.cur"
IDC_ALIAS               CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/aliasb.cur"
IDC_ZOOMIN              CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/zoom_in.cur"
IDC_ZOOMOUT             CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/zoom_out.cur"
IDC_COLRESIZE           CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/col_resize.cur"
IDC_ROWRESIZE           CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/row_resize.cur"
IDC_VERTICALTEXT        CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/vertical_text.cur"
IDC_NONE                CURSOR  DISCARDABLE     "../../mozilla/widget/src/build/res/none.cur"

// For some reason IDI_MAILBIFF needs to be larger than the value of IDI_APPLICATION for static builds
#define IDI_MAILBIFF 101
IDI_MAILBIFF  ICON  "../../mailnews/build/newmail.ico"

#define IDI_APPICON 100