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#ifndef _nsImapOfflineSync_H_
#define _nsImapOfflineSync_H_

#include "nsIMsgDatabase.h"
#include "nsIUrlListener.h"
#include "nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation.h"
#include "nsIMsgWindow.h"
#include "nsIMsgFolder.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"

class nsImapOfflineSync : public nsIUrlListener, public nsIMsgCopyServiceListener {
public:												// set to one folder to playback one folder only
  nsImapOfflineSync(nsIMsgWindow *window, nsIUrlListener *listener, nsIMsgFolder *singleFolderOnly = nsnull, PRBool isPseudoOffline = PR_FALSE);

  virtual ~nsImapOfflineSync();
  virtual nsresult  ProcessNextOperation(); // this kicks off playback
  PRInt32   GetCurrentUIDValidity();
  void	    SetCurrentUIDValidity(PRInt32 uidvalidity) { mCurrentUIDValidity = uidvalidity; }
  void	    SetPseudoOffline(PRBool pseudoOffline) {m_pseudoOffline = pseudoOffline;}
  PRBool    ProcessingStaleFolderUpdate() { return m_singleFolderToUpdate != nsnull; }
  PRBool    CreateOfflineFolder(nsIMsgFolder *folder);
  void      SetWindow(nsIMsgWindow *window);
  PRBool    CreateOfflineFolders();
  PRBool    DestFolderOnSameServer(nsIMsgFolder *destFolder);
  nsresult  AdvanceToNextServer();
  nsresult  AdvanceToNextFolder();
  void	    AdvanceToFirstIMAPFolder();
  void 	    DeleteAllOfflineOpsForCurrentDB();
  void      ProcessFlagOperation(nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation *currentOp);
  void      ProcessKeywordOperation(nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation *op);
  void	    ProcessMoveOperation(nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation *currentOp);
  void	    ProcessCopyOperation(nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation *currentOp);
  void	    ProcessEmptyTrash(nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation *currentOp);
  void	    ProcessAppendMsgOperation(nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation *currentOp,
                                      nsOfflineImapOperationType opType);
  nsCOMPtr <nsIMsgFolder> m_currentFolder;
  nsCOMPtr <nsIMsgFolder> m_singleFolderToUpdate;
  nsCOMPtr <nsIMsgWindow> m_window;
  nsCOMPtr <nsISupportsArray> m_allServers;
  nsCOMPtr <nsISupportsArray> m_allFolders;
  nsCOMPtr <nsIMsgIncomingServer> m_currentServer;
  nsCOMPtr <nsIEnumerator> m_serverEnumerator;
  nsCOMPtr <nsILocalFile> m_curTempFile;
  nsTArray<nsMsgKey> m_CurrentKeys;
  nsCOMArray<nsIMsgOfflineImapOperation> m_currentOpsToClear;
  PRUint32      m_KeyIndex;
  nsCOMPtr <nsIMsgDatabase> m_currentDB;
  nsCOMPtr <nsIUrlListener> m_listener;
  PRInt32	mCurrentUIDValidity;
  PRInt32	mCurrentPlaybackOpType;	// kFlagsChanged -> kMsgCopy -> kMsgMoved
  PRBool	m_mailboxupdatesStarted;
  PRBool        m_mailboxupdatesFinished;
  PRBool	m_pseudoOffline;		// for queueing online events in offline db
  PRBool	m_createdOfflineFolders;

class nsImapOfflineDownloader : public nsImapOfflineSync
  nsImapOfflineDownloader(nsIMsgWindow *window, nsIUrlListener *listener);
  virtual ~nsImapOfflineDownloader();
  virtual nsresult  ProcessNextOperation(); // this kicks off download