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nsIMAPGenericParser is the base parser class used by the server parser and body shell parser

#ifndef nsIMAPGenericParser_H
#define nsIMAPGenericParser_H

#include "nsImapCore.h"

#define WHITESPACE " \015\012"     // token delimiter 

class nsIMAPGenericParser 

	virtual ~nsIMAPGenericParser();

  // Add any specific stuff in the derived class
  virtual PRBool     LastCommandSuccessful();

  PRBool SyntaxError() { return (fParserState & stateSyntaxErrorFlag) != 0; }
  PRBool ContinueParse() { return fParserState == stateOK; }
  PRBool Connected() { return !(fParserState & stateDisconnectedFlag); }
  void SetConnected(PRBool error);

	// This is a pure virtual member which must be overridden in the derived class
	// for each different implementation of a nsIMAPGenericParser.
	// For instance, one implementation (the nsIMAPServerState) might get the next line
	// from an open socket, whereas another implementation might just get it from a buffer somewhere.
	// This fills in nextLine with the buffer, and returns PR_TRUE if everything is OK.
	// Returns PR_FALSE if there was some error encountered.  In that case, we reset the parser.
	virtual PRBool	GetNextLineForParser(char **nextLine) = 0;	

  virtual void	HandleMemoryFailure();
  void skip_to_CRLF();
  void skip_to_close_paren();
  char *CreateString();
  char *CreateAstring();
  char *CreateNilString();
  char *CreateLiteral();
  char *CreateAtom(PRBool isAstring = PR_FALSE);
  char *CreateQuoted(PRBool skipToEnd = PR_TRUE);
  char *CreateParenGroup();
  virtual void SetSyntaxError(PRBool error, const char *msg);

  void AdvanceToNextToken();
  void AdvanceToNextLine();
  void AdvanceTokenizerStartingPoint(int32 bytesToAdvance);
  void ResetLexAnalyzer();

	// use with care
  const char     *fNextToken;
  char           *fCurrentLine;
	char					 *fLineOfTokens;
  char           *fStartOfLineOfTokens;
  char           *fCurrentTokenPlaceHolder;
  PRBool          fAtEndOfLine;

  enum nsIMAPGenericParserState { stateOK = 0,
                                  stateSyntaxErrorFlag = 0x1,
                                  stateDisconnectedFlag = 0x2 };
  PRUint32 fParserState;