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bug 500211 - Add shipped-locales to SeaMonkey, r+a=Neil for adding to 2.0a3 tag post-mortem so we can use release automation on the following release

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"

interface nsIMsgDBHdr;
interface nsINNTPNewsgroupPost;

typedef long nsNewsAction;

[scriptable, uuid(b8bb6567-7433-4a52-beae-20e8122deb78)]
interface nsINntpUrl : nsISupports {
  attribute nsINNTPNewsgroupPost messageToPost;
  attribute nsNewsAction newsAction;
  attribute boolean getOldMessages;

  const nsNewsAction ActionUnknown = 0;
  const nsNewsAction ActionGetNewNews = 1;
  const nsNewsAction ActionFetchArticle = 2;
  const nsNewsAction ActionSaveMessageToDisk = 3;
  const nsNewsAction ActionCancelArticle = 4;
  const nsNewsAction ActionPostArticle = 5;
  const nsNewsAction ActionSearch = 6;
  const nsNewsAction ActionUpdateCounts = 7;
  const nsNewsAction ActionListGroups = 8;
  const nsNewsAction ActionFetchPart = 9;
  const nsNewsAction ActionAutoSubscribe = 10;
  const nsNewsAction ActionListIds = 11;

  /// Constant for the default NNTP over ssl port number
  const PRInt32 DEFAULT_NNTP_PORT = 119;

  /// Constant for the default NNTP over ssl port number
  const PRInt32 DEFAULT_NNTPS_PORT = 563;