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Bug 728840 - chrome directory missing in fresh profiles. r+a=Callek

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EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = ["cal"]; // even though it's defined in calUtils.jsm, import needs this
cal.print = {
    getTasksWithoutDueDate: function getTasksWithoutDueDate(aItems, date) {
        function isTaskWithoutDueDate(item) {
            return !item.dueDate && !item.endDate;
        let filteredItems = aItems.filter(isTaskWithoutDueDate);
        if (filteredItems.length == 0) {
            return "";
        let tasksDiv = <div class="tasks"/>;
        let monthName = cal.calGetString("dateFormat", "month." + (date.month +1)+ ".name");
        let list = <ul class="taskList" />;
        for each (let task in filteredItems) {
            let taskItem = <li class="taskItem" />;
            if (task.isCompleted) {
                taskItem.appendChild(<input checked="checked" type="checkbox" disabled="true"/>);
            } else {
                taskItem.appendChild(<input type="checkbox" disabled="true"/>);
        return tasksDiv;