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Bug 466439 - calIRelation/calIAttachment need proper cloning facility. r=dbo

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface calIIcalProperty;
interface calIItemBase;

interface calIRelation : nsISupports
     * The type of the relation between the items:
     * PARENT
     * CHILD
     * SIBLING
    attribute AUTF8String relType;

     * The id of the related item

    attribute AUTF8String relId;

     * The calIIcalProperty corresponding to this object.  Can be used for
     * serializing/unserializing from ics files.

    attribute calIIcalProperty icalProperty;

     * For accessing additional parameters, such as x-params.
    AUTF8String getParameter(in AString name);
    void setParameter(in AString name, in AUTF8String value);
    void deleteParameter(in AString name);

     * Clone this calIRelation instance into a new object.
    calIRelation clone();