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#filter substitution

# Win7: AppVendor, AppName, and AppVersion must match the application.ini values
# of Vendor, Name, and Version. These values are used in registering shortcuts
# with the taskbar. ExplicitAppUserModelID registration when the app launches is
# handled in widget/src/windows/WinTaskbar.cpp.

!define AppVendor             "Mozilla"
!define AppName               "Sunbird"
!define AppVersion            "@MOZ_APP_VERSION@"
!define AppUserModelID        "${AppVendor}.${AppName}.${AppVersion}"
!define GREVersion            @MOZILLA_VERSION@
!define AB_CD                 "@AB_CD@"

!define FileMainEXE           "sunbird.exe"
!define WindowClass           "SunbirdMessageWindow"
!define MinSupportedVer       "Microsoft Windows 2000"