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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIMsgFolder.idl"

interface nsIMsgWindow;
interface nsIImapIncomingServer;
interface nsIMsgParseMailMsgState;
interface nsIAutoSyncState;

// this is a simple interface which allows the imap folder to update some values
// that the folder props js code will use to update the sharing and quota tabs in the folder props.
[scriptable, uuid(09D99F2C-3E23-4f8c-A536-5C277BAA9585)] 
interface nsIMsgImapFolderProps : nsISupports {

    void setFolderType(in AString folderType);
    void setFolderTypeDescription(in AString folderTypeDescription);
    void setFolderPermissions(in AString permissions);
    void serverDoesntSupportACL();

     * Toggles the display of quota information in the Quota tab of the folder properties.
     * If on, the quota root, usage, and percentage used are displayed.
     * If off, a status message is displayed. The status message can be set with setQuotaStatus().
     * @param showData If true, display the quota root, usage information and usage percentage bar.
     * If false, display the status message.
    void showQuotaData(in boolean showData);

     * Sets the status string displayed in the Quota tab of the folder properties if quota
     * information is not visible.
    void setQuotaStatus(in AString folderQuotaStatus);

     * Updates the quota data displayed in the Quota tab.
    void setQuotaData(in ACString quotaroot, in unsigned long usedKB, in unsigned long maxKB);

[scriptable, uuid(a18390ec-f21a-40e0-8d77-a55dc0591698)]
interface nsIMsgImapMailFolder : nsISupports {
  void removeSubFolder(in nsIMsgFolder folder);
  void createClientSubfolderInfo(in ACString folderName, in wchar hierarchyDelimiter, in long flags, in boolean suppressNotification);
  void list();
  void renameLocal(in ACString newname, in nsIMsgFolder parent);
  void prepareToRename();
  void performExpand(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);
  void recursiveCloseActiveConnections(in nsIImapIncomingServer aImapServer);
  void renameClient(in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow, in nsIMsgFolder msgFolder, in ACString oldName, in ACString newName);

  // these are used for offline synchronization
  void storeImapFlags(in long aFlags, in boolean aAddFlags, [array, size_is (aNumKeys)] 
      in nsMsgKey aKeysToFlag, in unsigned long aNumKeys, in nsIUrlListener aUrlListener);
  nsIURI setImapFlags(in string uids, in long flags);
  void replayOfflineMoveCopy([array, size_is (numKeys)] in nsMsgKey keys, in unsigned long numKeys, in boolean isMove, in nsIMsgFolder aDstFolder,
                         in nsIUrlListener aUrlListener, in nsIMsgWindow aWindow);
  nsIURI playbackOfflineFolderCreate(in AString folderName, in nsIMsgWindow aWindow);
  void liteSelect(in nsIUrlListener aUrlListener);
  void fillInFolderProps(in nsIMsgImapFolderProps aFolderProps);
  void resetNamespaceReferences();
  void folderPrivileges(in nsIMsgWindow aWindow);
  nsIMsgImapMailFolder findOnlineSubFolder(in ACString onlineName);
  void addFolderRights(in ACString userName, in ACString rights);
  void refreshFolderRights();

  void updateStatus(in nsIUrlListener aListener, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);
  void updateFolder(in nsIMsgWindow aWindow, in nsIUrlListener aListener);
  // this is used to issue an arbitrary imap command on the passed in msgs.
  // It assumes the command needs to be run in the selected state.
  nsIURI issueCommandOnMsgs(in ACString command, in string uids, in nsIMsgWindow aWindow);
  nsIURI fetchCustomMsgAttribute(in ACString msgAttribute, in string uids, in nsIMsgWindow aWindow);
  nsIURI storeCustomKeywords(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow,
                      in ACString aFlagsToAdd,
                      in ACString aFlagsToSubtract,
                      [array, size_is (aNumKeys)] in nsMsgKey aKeysToStore,
                      in unsigned long aNumKeys);

  void notifyIfNewMail();
  void initiateAutoSync(in nsIUrlListener aUrlListener);

  attribute boolean verifiedAsOnlineFolder;
  attribute boolean explicitlyVerify;
  attribute wchar hierarchyDelimiter;
  attribute long boxFlags;
  attribute ACString onlineName;
  attribute boolean isNamespace;
  readonly attribute boolean canOpenFolder;
  attribute ACString adminUrl;
  readonly attribute boolean hasAdminUrl;
  attribute boolean performingBiff;
  readonly attribute nsIMsgParseMailMsgState hdrParser;
  readonly attribute nsIImapIncomingServer imapIncomingServer;
  readonly attribute nsIAutoSyncState autoSyncStateObj;
   * @{
   * These are used to access the response to the STATUS or SELECT command.
   * The counts include deleted messages, or headers we haven't downloaded yet.
  readonly attribute long serverTotal;
  readonly attribute long serverUnseen;
  readonly attribute long serverRecent;
  readonly attribute long serverNextUID;
  /** @} */

   * Quota
   * |valid| indicates whether the server has provided quota information on
   * this folder. This can be false
   * - if the server does not supports quotas,
   * - if there are no storage quotas on this folder, or
   * - if the folder has never been opened.
   * If it is true and maxKB > 0, the folder has a storage quota and
   * the usedKB and maxKB attributes are set to the values provided by
   * the server (in kilobytes), for this quota root.
   * Lotus Notes sends us maxKB = 0, usedKB > 0 for unlimited quota.
  void getQuota(out boolean valid, out unsigned long usedKB, out unsigned long maxKB);
   * Change the number of "pending" messages in a folder,
   *  messages we know about, but don't have the headers for yet
   * @param aDelta amount to change total by.
  void changePendingTotal(in long aDelta);
   * Change the number of "pending" unread messages in a folder,
   * unread messages we know about, but don't have the headers for yet
   * @param aDelta amount to change the unread count by.
  void changePendingUnread(in long aDelta);