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bug 316387 - make able to use the app version from configure vars, comm-central/SeaMonkey part, r=Standard8

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(65c41e49-0dbb-4c6d-8e89-bf3bb5b62cc8)]
interface nsIImapFlagAndUidState : nsISupports 
  readonly attribute long numberOfMessages;
  readonly attribute long numberOfRecentMessages;

   * If a full update, the total number of deleted messages
   * in the folder; if a partial update, the number of deleted
   * messages in the partial update
  readonly attribute long numberOfDeletedMessages;

   * If this is true, instead of fetching 1:* (FLAGS), and putting all
   * UIDs and flags in the array, we only fetched the uids and flags
   * that changed since the last time we were selected on this folder.
   * This means we have a sparse array, and should not assume missing
   * UIDs have been deleted.
  readonly attribute boolean partialUIDFetch;

   * Set of flags the server supports storing per message. See nsImapCore.h
   * for the set of flags.
  readonly attribute unsigned short supportedUserFlags;

   * OR's the  passed in flags with the previous flags because we want to
   * accumulate the FLAGS and PERMANENTFLAGS response.
   * @param aFlags - flags to OR with current flags.
  void orSupportedUserFlags(in unsigned short aFlags);

  void getUidOfMessage(in long zeroBasedIndex, out unsigned long result);
  void getMessageFlags(in long zeroBasedIndex, out unsigned short result);
  void setMessageFlags(in long zeroBasedIndex, in unsigned short flags);
  void expungeByIndex(in unsigned long zeroBasedIndex);
  void addUidFlagPair(in unsigned long uid, in unsigned short flags, in unsigned long zeroBasedIndex);
  void addUidCustomFlagPair(in unsigned long uid, in string customFlag);
  string getCustomFlags(in unsigned long uid); // returns space-separated keywords
  void reset(in unsigned long howManyLeft);
  void clearCustomFlags(in unsigned long uid);