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Bug 707305 Make --enable-incomplete-external-linkage work without --with-libxul-sdk r=Callek

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsrootidl.idl"

interface nsIOutputStream;
interface nsIInputStream;
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIStreamListener;
interface nsIChannel;

[scriptable, uuid(eb9beb09-44de-4ad2-a560-f572b1afd534)]
interface nsMimeHeaderDisplayTypes
    const long MicroHeaders = 0;
    const long NormalHeaders = 1;
    const long AllHeaders = 2;

#define NS_IMIME_MISC_STATUS_KEY       ";1?type="

[scriptable, uuid(7a57166f-2891-4122-9a74-6c3fab0caac3)]
interface nsIMimeEmitter : nsISupports {

    // Output listener to allow access to it from mime.
    attribute nsIStreamListener outputListener;

    // These will be called to start and stop the total operation.
    void initialize(in nsIURI url, in nsIChannel aChannel, in long aFormat);
    void complete();

    // Set the output stream/listener for processed data.
    void setPipe(in nsIInputStream inputStream, in nsIOutputStream outStream);

    // Header handling routines.
    void startHeader(in boolean rootMailHeader, in boolean headerOnly,
                     [const] in string msgID, [const] in string outCharset);
    void addHeaderField([const] in string field, [const] in string value);
    void addAllHeaders(in ACString allheaders);

     * Write the HTML Headers for the current attachment.
     * Note: Book case this with an EndHeader call.
     * @param name The name of this attachment.
    void writeHTMLHeaders([const] in AUTF8String name);

     * Finish writing the headers for the current attachment.
     * @param name The name of this attachment.
    void endHeader([const] in AUTF8String name);

    void updateCharacterSet([const] in string aCharset);

    // Attachment handling routines.
    void startAttachment([const] in AUTF8String name,
                         [const] in string contentType,
                         [const] in string url, in boolean aNotDownloaded);
    void addAttachmentField([const] in string field, [const] in string value);
    void endAttachment();

    void endAllAttachments();

    // Body handling routines.
    void startBody(in boolean bodyOnly, [const] in string msgID, [const] in string outCharset);
    void writeBody([const] in AUTF8String buf, out PRUint32 amountWritten);
    void endBody();

    // Generic write routine. This is necessary for output that
    // libmime needs to pass through without any particular parsing
    // involved (i.e. decoded images, HTML Body Text, etc...
    void write([const] in ACString buf, out PRUint32 amountWritten);
    void utilityWrite([const] in string buf);