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Bug 707305 Make --enable-incomplete-external-linkage work without --with-libxul-sdk r=Callek

#filter substitution

# These defines should match application.ini settings
!define AppName               "Thunderbird"
!define AppVersion            "@MOZ_APP_VERSION@"

!define GREVersion            @MOZILLA_VERSION@
!define AB_CD                 "@AB_CD@"

!define FileMainEXE           "@MOZ_APP_NAME@.exe"
!define WindowClass           "ThunderbirdMessageWindow"

!define AppRegNameMail        "Thunderbird"
!define AppRegNameNews        "Thunderbird (News)"

!define ClientsRegName        "Mozilla Thunderbird"

!define BrandShortName        "@MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME@"
!define PreReleaseSuffix      "@PRE_RELEASE_SUFFIX@"
!define BrandFullName         "${BrandFullNameInternal}${PreReleaseSuffix}"

# NO_INSTDIR_FROM_REG is defined for pre-releases which have a PreReleaseSuffix
# (e.g. Alpha X, Beta X, etc.) to prevent finding a non-default installation
# directory in the registry and using that as the default. This prevents
# Beta releases built with official branding from finding an existing install
# of an official release and defaulting to its installation directory.
!if "@PRE_RELEASE_SUFFIX@" != ""

# ARCH is used when it is necessary to differentiate the x64 registry keys from
# the x86 registry keys (e.g. the uninstall registry key).
#ifdef HAVE_64BIT_OS
!define HAVE_64BIT_OS
!define ARCH "x64"
!define MinSupportedVer "Microsoft Windows Vista x64"
!define ARCH "x86"
!define MinSupportedVer "Microsoft Windows XP SP2"