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Bug 460263 - merge lightning install.rdf for preinstallation in thunderbird universal builds

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ifndef OBJDIR
DIST_PPC = $(OBJDIR_PPC)/mozilla/dist
DIST_X86 = $(OBJDIR_X86)/mozilla/dist
DIST_UNI = $(DIST_PPC)/universal

include $(OBJDIR)/config/

	mkdir -p $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage
	rm -rf $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage/lightning*
	cp -R $(DIST_PPC)/xpi-stage/lightning $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage
	platform=`$(PYTHON) $(TOPSRCDIR)/calendar/lightning/build/ \
		$(DIST_PPC)/xpi-stage/lightning`; \
	mkdir -p $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage/lightning/platform/$$platform/components; \
	mv $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage/lightning/components/*.dylib \
	platform=`$(PYTHON) $(TOPSRCDIR)/calendar/lightning/build/ \
		$(DIST_X86)/xpi-stage/lightning`; \
	mkdir -p $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage/lightning/platform/$$platform/components; \
	cp $(DIST_X86)/xpi-stage/lightning/components/*.dylib \
	$(PYTHON) $(TOPSRCDIR)/build/ \
		$(DIST_PPC)/xpi-stage/lightning \
		$(DIST_X86)/xpi-stage/lightning \
		> $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage/lightning/install.rdf
	cd $(DIST_UNI)/xpi-stage/lightning && $(ZIP) -qr ../lightning.xpi *