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#include "nsIGenericFactory.h"

/* Include all of the interfaces our factory can generate components for */
#include "nsMimeContentTypeHandler.h"

 * These functions are the public interface for this content type
 * handler and will be called in by the mime component.
#define      VCARD_CONTENT_TYPE  "text/x-vcard"

// Define the contructor function for the CID
// What this does is defines a function nsMimeContentTypeHandlerConstructor
// which we will specific in the nsModuleComponentInfo table. This function will
// be used by the generic factory to create an instance.
// NOTE: This creates an instance by using the default constructor
extern "C" MimeObjectClass *
MIME_VCardCreateContentTypeHandlerClass(const char *content_type, 
                                        contentTypeHandlerInitStruct *initStruct);

nsVCardMimeContentTypeHandlerConstructor(nsISupports *aOuter,
                                         REFNSIID aIID,
                                         void **aResult)
  nsresult rv;
  nsMimeContentTypeHandler *inst = nsnull;

  if (NULL == aResult) {
    return rv;
  *aResult = NULL;
  if (NULL != aOuter) {
    return rv;
  inst = new nsMimeContentTypeHandler(VCARD_CONTENT_TYPE, 
  if (inst == NULL) {
  rv = inst->QueryInterface(aIID,aResult);

  return rv;

// Define a table of CIDs implemented by this module along with other
// information like the function to create an instance, contractid, and
// class name.
static const nsModuleComponentInfo components[] =
  { "MIME VCard Handler", NS_VCARD_CONTENT_TYPE_HANDLER_CID, ";1?type=text/x-vcard",
    nsVCardMimeContentTypeHandlerConstructor, }

// Implement the NSGetModule() exported function for your module
// and the entire implementation of the module object.
NS_IMPL_NSGETMODULE(nsVCardModule, components)