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Bug 451919 - Remove |APP_XPCOM_LIBS| from /calendar/sunbird r=NPOTB DONTBUILD

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# NSIS defines for nightly builds.
# The release build branding.nsi is located in other-license/branding/sunbird/
!define BrandShortName        "Sunbird"
!define BrandFullName         "Mozilla Sunbird"
# BrandFullNameInternal is used for some registry and file system values that
# should not contain release that may be in the BrandFullName (e.g. Beta 1, etc.)
!define BrandFullNameInternal "Mozilla Sunbird"
!define CompanyName           "Mozilla"
!define URLInfoAbout          "http://www.mozilla.org/"
!define URLUpdateInfo         "http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/sunbird/"