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Bug 1163306 - enable icaljs by default only on comm-central, use libical on comm-aurora. r=philipp

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  The import service.


#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIImportModule;
interface nsIImportMailboxDescriptor;
interface nsIImportABDescriptor;
interface nsIImportGeneric;
interface nsIImportFieldMap;
interface nsIMsgSendListener;
interface nsIMsgIdentity;
interface nsIMsgCompFields;
interface nsIArray;

[scriptable, uuid(d0ed4c50-5997-49c9-8a6a-045f0680ed29)]
interface nsIImportService : nsISupports
    void DiscoverModules();

  long GetModuleCount( in string filter);
  void GetModuleInfo( in string filter, in long index, out wstring name, out wstring description);
  wstring GetModuleName( in string filter, in long index);
  wstring GetModuleDescription( in string filter, in long index);
  nsIImportModule  GetModule( in string filter, in long index);
  nsIImportModule GetModuleWithCID( in nsCIDRef cid);

  nsIImportFieldMap      CreateNewFieldMap();
  nsIImportMailboxDescriptor  CreateNewMailboxDescriptor();
  nsIImportABDescriptor    CreateNewABDescriptor();
  nsIImportGeneric      CreateNewGenericMail();
  nsIImportGeneric      CreateNewGenericAddressBooks();
  void CreateRFC822Message(in nsIMsgIdentity aIdentity,
                           in nsIMsgCompFields aMsgFields,
                           in string aBodytype,
                           in ACString aBody,
                           in boolean aCreateAsDraft,
                           in nsIArray aLoadedAttachments,
                           in nsIArray aEmbeddedObjects,
                           in nsIMsgSendListener aListener);


%{ C++
#define NS_IMPORTSERVICE_CID              \
{ /* 5df96d60-1726-11d3-a206-00a0cc26da63 */      \
   0x5df96d60, 0x1726, 0x11d3,                   \
   {0xa2, 0x06, 0x0, 0xa0, 0xcc, 0x26, 0xda, 0x63}}