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Fixup for bug 1062235 - Add missing slashes on a CLOSED TREE. r=me

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% content branding %content/branding/ contentaccessible=yes
  content/branding/about.png                              (content/about.png)
  content/branding/icon48.png                             (content/icon48.png)
  content/branding/icon64.png                             (content/icon64.png)
  content/branding/aboutRights.js                         (content/aboutRights.js)
  content/branding/aboutRights.xhtml                      (content/aboutRights.xhtml)
  content/branding/messenger-start-bg.png                 (content/messenger-start-bg.png)
  content/branding/messenger-start-hdr.png                (content/messenger-start-hdr.png)