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No Bug. Bump uuids that weren't bumped when the interfaces were changed to fix binary compatibility issues. rs=fix-issues-that-should-have-been-fixed-before-landing. CLOSED TREE

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#include "nsrootidl.idl"
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(da6b9843-5464-4630-b121-c5970aa3d6ed)]
interface nsIMsgCopyServiceListener : nsISupports {

     * Notify the observer that the message has started to be copied. This
     * method is called only once, at the beginning of a message
     * copyoperation. 
    void OnStartCopy();

     * Notify the observer that progress as occurred for the message copy
     * aProgress -
     * aProgressMax -
    void OnProgress(in uint32_t aProgress, 
                    in uint32_t aProgressMax);

     * Setting newly created message key. This method is taylored specifically
     * for nsIMsgCopyService::CopyFileMessage() when saveing Drafts/Templates.
     * We need to have a way to inform the client what's the key of the newly
     * created message.
     * aKey -
    void SetMessageKey(in nsMsgKey aKey);

     * Getting the file message message ID. This method is taylored
     * specifically for nsIMsgCopyService::CopyFileMessage() when saving
     * Drafts/Templates. In order to work with imap server which doesn't
     * support uidplus we have to use search comman to retrieve the key of
     * newly created message. Message ID generated by the compose gurantee its
     * uniqueness.
     * aMessageId -
    void GetMessageId(out ACString aMessageId);

     * Notify the observer that the message copied operation has completed.  
     * This method is called regardless of whether the the operation was
     * successful.
     * aStatus - indicate whether the operation was succeeded
    void OnStopCopy(in nsresult aStatus);