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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIAutoCompleteItem;
interface nsILDAPMessage;

 * An interface to allow different users of nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession to 
 * format each nsILDAPMessage into an nsIAutoCompleteItem as it sees fit.
[scriptable, uuid(450cb44e-1752-49d0-890a-f895f8163cc3)]
interface nsILDAPAutoCompFormatter : nsISupports {
     * Returns an nsIAutoCompleteItem generated from the data in 
     * the given nsILDAPMessage.
     * @param aMessage  message to be formatted
     * @return          resulting nsIAutoCompleteItem
    nsIAutoCompleteItem format(in nsILDAPMessage aMessage);

     * Gets a list of all the LDAP attributes that should be requested
     * from the LDAP server when a lookup is done.  This avoids
     * wasting server time, bandwidth, and client time processing
     * unused attributes.
     * Note that this is only required to be called by the
     * nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession implementation when the
     * nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession::formatter IDL attribute is set.  .
     * So if for some reason, the LDAP attributes to be returned by
     * searches has to change (eg because the user changed a
     * preference), the nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession::formatter IDL
     * attribute should be re-set to the same object to force a new
     * getAttributes() call.
     * @return  A comma-separated list of attributes.
    readonly attribute ACString attributes;

     * This method formats an error condition into an nsIAutoCompleteItem
     * for display to the user.  Specifically, the state that the session
     * was in when the error occured (aState) is formatted into a general
     * error message which is put in the value attribute of the item,
     * and the specific error (aErrorCode) is formatted into another message
     * which is put in an nsISupportsString in the param attribute of the
     * item.
     * @param aState        state of autocomplete session when error occurred
     * @param aErrorCode    specific error encountered
     * @return              newly generated item
    nsIAutoCompleteItem formatException(in long aState, 
                                        in nsresult aErrorCode);

     *  Possible states that can be passed in aState to formatException
    const long STATE_UNBOUND = 0;
    const long STATE_INITIALIZING = 1;
    const long STATE_BINDING = 2;
    const long STATE_BOUND = 3;
    const long STATE_SEARCHING = 4;