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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"

interface nsIMsgFolder;
interface nsIMsgFolderCache;
interface nsIMsgWindow;
interface nsIMsgFilterList;
interface nsIMsgRetentionSettings;
interface nsIMsgDownloadSettings;
interface nsISpamSettings;
interface nsIMsgFilterPlugin;
interface nsIUrlListener;
interface nsIMsgDBHdr;
interface nsILocalFile;
interface nsIURI;

 * Interface for incoming mail/news host
 * this is the base interface for all mail server types (imap, pop, nntp, etc)
 * often you will want to add extra interfaces that give you server-specific
 * attributes and methods.
[scriptable, uuid(67bcc06e-88d5-4441-a987-b7590d9ce04a)]
interface nsIMsgIncomingServer : nsISupports {

   * internal pref key - guaranteed to be unique across all servers
  attribute ACString key;

   * pretty name - should be "userid on hostname"
   * if the pref is not set
  attribute AString prettyName;

  * helper function to construct the pretty name in a server type
  * specific way - e.g., mail for, news on
  readonly attribute AString constructedPrettyName;

   * hostname of the server
  attribute ACString hostName;
   * real hostname of the server (if server name is changed it's stored here)
  attribute ACString realHostName;
  /* port of the server */
  attribute long port;

   * userid to log into the server
  attribute ACString username;

   * real username of the server (if username is changed it's stored here)
  attribute ACString realUsername;

   * protocol type, i.e. "pop3", "imap", "nntp", "none", etc
   * used to construct URLs
  attribute ACString type;

  readonly attribute AString accountManagerChrome;

   * the schema for the local mail store, such
   * as "mailbox", "imap", or "news"
   * used to construct URIs
  readonly attribute ACString localStoreType;

  // Perform specific tasks (reset flags, remove files, etc) for account user/server name changes.
  void onUserOrHostNameChanged(in ACString oldName, in ACString newName);
  /* cleartext version of the password */
  attribute ACString password;

   * Attempts to get the password first from the password manager, if that
   * fails it will attempt to get it from the user if aMsgWindow is supplied.
   * @param aPromptString  The text of the prompt if the user is prompted for
   *                       password.
   * @param aPromptTitle   The title of the prompt if the user is prompted.
   * @param aMsgWindow     A message window to associate the prompt with.
   * @return               The obtained password. Could be an empty password.
   * @exception NS_ERROR_FAILURE  The password could not be obtained.
   * @note NS_MSG_PASSWORD_PROMPT_CANCELLED is a success code that is returned
   *       if the prompt was presented to the user but the user cancelled the
   *       prompt.
  ACString getPasswordWithUI(in AString aPromptString, in AString aPromptTitle,
                             in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);

  /* forget the password in memory and in single signon database */
  void forgetPassword();

  /* forget the password in memory which is cached for the session */
  void forgetSessionPassword();

  /* should we download whole messages when biff goes off? */
  attribute boolean downloadOnBiff;

  /* should we biff the server? */
  attribute boolean doBiff;

  /* how often to biff */
  attribute long biffMinutes;

  /* current biff state */
  attribute unsigned long biffState;

  /* are we running a url as a result of biff going off? (different from user clicking get msg) */
  attribute boolean performingBiff; 

  /* the on-disk path to message storage for this server */
  attribute nsILocalFile localPath;

  /* the RDF URI for the root mail folder */
  readonly attribute ACString serverURI;

  /* the root folder for this server, even if server is deferred */
  attribute nsIMsgFolder rootFolder;

  /* root folder for this account 
     - if account is deferred, root folder of deferred-to account */
  readonly attribute nsIMsgFolder rootMsgFolder;

  /* are we already getting new Messages on the current server..
     This is used to help us prevent multiple get new msg commands from
     going off at the same time. */
  attribute boolean serverBusy;

   * Is the server using a secure channel (SSL or STARTTLS).
  readonly attribute boolean isSecure;

   * Authentication mechanism.
   * @see nsMsgAuthMethod (in MailNewsTypes2.idl)
   * Same as "mail.server...authMethod" pref
  attribute nsMsgAuthMethodValue authMethod;

   * Whether to SSL or STARTTLS or not
   * @see nsMsgSocketType (in MailNewsTypes2.idl)
   * Same as "mail.server...socketType" pref
  attribute nsMsgSocketTypeValue socketType;

  /* dead code. */
  readonly attribute boolean isSecureServer;

  /* empty trash on exit */
  attribute boolean emptyTrashOnExit;

   * Get the server's list of filters.
   * This SHOULD be the same filter list as the root folder's, if the server
   * supports per-folder filters. Furthermore, this list SHOULD be used for all
   * incoming messages.
   * Since the returned nsIMsgFilterList is mutable, it is not necessary to call
   * setFilterList after the filters have been changed.
   * @param aMsgWindow  @ref msgwindow "The standard message window"
   * @return            The list of filters.
  nsIMsgFilterList getFilterList(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);

   * Set the server's list of filters.
   * Note that this does not persist the filter list. To change the contents
   * of the existing filters, use getFilterList and mutate the values as
   * appopriate.
   * @param aFilterList The new list of filters.
  void setFilterList(in nsIMsgFilterList aFilterList);

   * Get user editable filter list. This does not have to be the same as
   * the filterlist above, typically depending on the users preferences.
   * The filters in this list are not processed, but only to be edited by
   * the user.
   * @see getFilterList
   * @param aMsgWindow  @ref msgwindow "The standard message window"
   * @return            The list of filters.
  nsIMsgFilterList getEditableFilterList(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);

   * Set user editable filter list.
   * This does not persist the filterlist, @see setFilterList
   * @see getEditableFilterList
   * @see setFilterList
   * @param aFilterList The new list of filters.
  void setEditableFilterList(in nsIMsgFilterList aFilterList);

  /* we use this to set the default local path.  we use this when migrating prefs */
  void setDefaultLocalPath(in nsILocalFile aDefaultLocalPath);

   * Verify that we can logon
   * @param  aUrlListener - gets called back with success or failure.
   * @param aMsgWindow         nsIMsgWindow to use for notification callbacks.
   * @return - the url that we run.
  nsIURI verifyLogon(in nsIUrlListener aUrlListener, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);

  /* do a biff */
  void performBiff(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);
  /* get new messages */
  void getNewMessages(in nsIMsgFolder aFolder, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, 
                      in nsIUrlListener aUrlListener);
  /* this checks if a server needs a password to do biff */
  readonly attribute boolean serverRequiresPasswordForBiff;
  /* this gets called when the server is expanded in the folder pane */
  void performExpand(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);

  /* Write out all known folder data to panacea.dat */
  void writeToFolderCache(in nsIMsgFolderCache folderCache);

  /* close any server connections */
  void closeCachedConnections();
  /* ... */
  void shutdown();

   * Get or set the value as determined by the preference tree.
   * These methods MUST NOT fail if the preference is not set, and therefore
   * they MUST have a default value. This default value is provided in practice
   * by use of a default preference tree. The standard format for the pref
   * branches are <tt>mail.server.<i>key</i>.</tt> for per-server preferences,
   * such that the preference is <tt>mail.server.<i>key</i>.<i>attr</i></tt>.
   * The attributes are passed in as strings for ease of access by the C++
   * consumers of this method.
   * @param attr  The value for which the preference should be accessed.
   * @param value The value of the preference to set.
   * @return      The value of the preference.
   * @{
  boolean getBoolValue(in string attr);
  void setBoolValue(in string attr, in boolean value);

  ACString getCharValue(in string attr);
  void setCharValue(in string attr, in ACString value);

  AString getUnicharValue(in string attr);
  void setUnicharValue(in string attr, in AString value);
  long getIntValue(in string attr);
  void setIntValue(in string attr, in long value);
  /** @} */

   * Get or set the value as determined by the preference tree.
   * These methods MUST NOT fail if the preference is not set, and therefore
   * they MUST have a default value. This default value is provided in practice
   * by use of a default preference tree. The standard format for the pref
   * branches are <tt>mail.server.<i>key</i>.</tt> for per-server preferences,
   * such that the preference is <tt>mail.server.<i>key</i>.<i>attr</i></tt>.
   * The attributes are passed in as strings for ease of access by the C++
   * consumers of this method.
   * There are two preference names on here for legacy reasons, where the first
   * is the name which will be using a (preferred) relative preference and the
   * second a deprecated absolute preference. Implementations that do not have
   * to worry about supporting legacy preferences can safely ignore this second
   * parameter. Callers must still provide a valid value, though.
   * @param relpref The name of the relative file preference.
   * @param absref  The name of the absolute file preference.
   * @param aValue  The value of the preference to set.
   * @return        The value of the preference.
   * @{
  nsILocalFile getFileValue(in string relpref, in string abspref);
  void setFileValue(in string relpref, in string abspref, in nsILocalFile aValue);
  /** @} */

   * this is really dangerous. this destroys all pref values
   * do not call this unless you know what you're doing!
  void clearAllValues();

   * this is also very dangerous.  this will remove the files
   * associated with this server on disk.
  void removeFiles();
  attribute boolean valid;
  AString toString();

  void displayOfflineMsg(in nsIMsgWindow aWindow);

  /* used for comparing nsIMsgIncomingServers */
  boolean equals(in nsIMsgIncomingServer server);

  /* Get Messages at startup */
  readonly attribute boolean downloadMessagesAtStartup; 

  /* check to this if the server supports filters */
  attribute boolean canHaveFilters;

   * can this server be removed from the account manager?  for
   * instance, local mail is not removable, but an imported folder is 
  attribute boolean canDelete;

  attribute boolean loginAtStartUp;

  attribute boolean limitOfflineMessageSize;
  attribute long maxMessageSize;

  attribute nsIMsgRetentionSettings retentionSettings;

  /* check if this server can be a default server */
  readonly attribute boolean canBeDefaultServer;

  /* check if this server allows search operations */
  readonly attribute boolean canSearchMessages;

  /* check if this server allows canEmptyTrashOnExit operations */
  readonly attribute boolean canEmptyTrashOnExit;

  /* display startup page once per account per session */
  attribute boolean displayStartupPage;
  attribute nsIMsgDownloadSettings downloadSettings;

   * Offline support level. Support level can vary based on abilities 
   * and features each server can offer wrt to offline service.
   * Here is the legend to determine the each support level details
   * supportLevel == 0  --> no offline support (default) 
   * supportLevel == 10 --> regular offline feature support
   * supportLevel == 20 --> extended offline feature support 
   * Each server can initialize itself to the support level if needed
   * to override the default choice i.e., no offline support.
   * POP3, None and Movemail will default to 0. 
   * IMAP level 10 and NEWS with level 20. 
  attribute long offlineSupportLevel;

  /* create pretty name for migrated accounts */
  AString generatePrettyNameForMigration(); 

  /* does this server have disk space settings? */
  readonly attribute boolean supportsDiskSpace;

   * Hide this server/account from the UI - used for smart mailboxes.
   * The server can be retrieved from the account manager by name using the
   * various Find methods, but nsIMsgAccountManager's GetAccounts and 
   * GetAllServers methods won't return the server/account.
  attribute boolean hidden;

   * If the server supports Fcc/Sent/etc, default prefs can point to 
   * the server. Otherwise, copies and folders prefs should point to
   * Local Folders.
   * By default this value is set to true via global pref 'allows_specialfolders_usage'
   * (mailnews.js). For Nntp, the value is overridden to be false.
   * If ISPs want to modify this value, they should do that in their rdf file
   * by using this attribute. Please look at mozilla/mailnews/base/ispdata/aol.rdf for
   * usage example.
  attribute boolean defaultCopiesAndFoldersPrefsToServer;

  /* can this server allows sub folder creation */
  attribute boolean canCreateFoldersOnServer;

  /* can this server allows message filing ? */
  attribute boolean canFileMessagesOnServer;

  /* can this server allow compacting folders ? */
  readonly attribute boolean canCompactFoldersOnServer;

  /* can this server allow undo delete ? */
  readonly attribute boolean canUndoDeleteOnServer;

  /* used for setting up the filter UI */
  readonly attribute nsMsgSearchScopeValue filterScope;

  /* used for setting up the search UI */
  readonly attribute nsMsgSearchScopeValue searchScope;

   * If the password for the server is available either via authentication 
   * in the current session or from password manager stored entries, return
   * false. Otherwise, return true. If password is obtained from password 
   * manager, set the password member variable.
  readonly attribute boolean passwordPromptRequired;

   * for mail, this configures both the MDN filter, and the server-side
   * spam filter filters, if needed.
   * If we have set up to filter return receipts into
   * our Sent folder, this utility method creates
   * a filter to do that, and adds it to our filterList
   * if it doesn't exist.  If it does, it will enable it.
   * this is not used by news filters (yet).
  void configureTemporaryFilters(in nsIMsgFilterList filterList);

   * If Sent folder pref is changed we need to clear the temporary 
   * return receipt filter so that the new return receipt filter can
   * be recreated (by ConfigureTemporaryReturnReceiptsFilter()).
  void clearTemporaryReturnReceiptsFilter();

   * spam settings
  readonly attribute nsISpamSettings spamSettings;
  readonly attribute nsIMsgFilterPlugin spamFilterPlugin;

  nsIMsgFolder getMsgFolderFromURI(in nsIMsgFolder aFolderResource, in ACString aURI);

  readonly attribute boolean isDeferredTo;

  const long keepDups = 0;
  const long deleteDups = 1;
  const long moveDupsToTrash = 2;
  const long markDupsRead = 3;

  attribute long incomingDuplicateAction;

  // check if new hdr is a duplicate of a recently arrived header
  boolean isNewHdrDuplicate(in nsIMsgDBHdr aNewHdr);

   * Set a boolean to force an inherited propertyName to return empty instead
   * of inheriting from a parent folder, server, or the global
   * @param propertyName         The name of the property
   * @param aForcePropertyEmpty  true if an empty inherited property should be returned
  void setForcePropertyEmpty(in string propertyName, in boolean aForcePropertyEmpty);

   * Get a boolean to force an inherited propertyName to return empty instead
   * of inheriting from a parent folder, server, or the global
   * @param propertyName      The name of the property
   * @return                  true if an empty inherited property should be returned
  boolean getForcePropertyEmpty(in string propertyName);

 * Following values for offline support have been used by
 * various files. If you are modifying any of the values
 * below, please do take care of the following files.
 * - mozilla/mailnews/base/src/nsMsgAccountManagerDS.cpp
 * - mozilla/mailnews/base/util/nsMsgIncomingServer.cpp
 * - mozilla/mailnews/imap/src/nsImapIncomingServer.cpp
 * - mozilla/mailnews/local/src/nsPop3IncomingServer.cpp
 * - mozilla/mailnews/news/src/nsNntpIncomingServer.cpp
 * - mozilla/mailnews/base/content/msgAccountCentral.js
 * - mozilla/modules/libpref/src/init/mailnews.js
 * - ns/modules/libpref/src/init/mailnews-ns.js
 * - ns/mailnews/base/ispdata/aol.rdf
 * - ns/mailnews/base/ispdata/nswebmail.rdf

// Value when no port setting is found
#define PORT_NOT_SET -1

/* some useful macros to implement nsIMsgIncomingServer accessors */
#define NS_IMPL_SERVERPREF_STR(_class, _postfix, _prefname) \
NS_IMETHODIMP                              \
_class::Get##_postfix(nsACString& retval)  \
{                                          \
  return GetCharValue(_prefname, retval);  \
}                                          \
NS_IMETHODIMP                              \
_class::Set##_postfix(const nsACString& chvalue) \
{                                          \
  return SetCharValue(_prefname, chvalue); \

#define NS_IMPL_SERVERPREF_BOOL(_class, _postfix, _prefname)\
NS_IMETHODIMP                                               \
_class::Get##_postfix(PRBool *retval)                       \
{                                                           \
  return GetBoolValue(_prefname, retval);                   \
}                                                           \
NS_IMETHODIMP                                               \
_class::Set##_postfix(PRBool bvalue)                        \
{                                                           \
  return SetBoolValue(_prefname, bvalue);                   \

#define NS_IMPL_SERVERPREF_INT(_class, _postfix, _prefname)\
NS_IMETHODIMP                                              \
_class::Get##_postfix(PRInt32 *retval)                     \
{                                                          \
  return GetIntValue(_prefname, retval);                   \
}                                                          \
NS_IMETHODIMP                                              \
_class::Set##_postfix(PRInt32 ivalue)                      \
{                                                          \
  return SetIntValue(_prefname, ivalue);                   \