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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"

interface nsIMsgFolder;
interface nsIMsgWindow;
interface nsIMessenger;
interface nsIMsgDBHdr;
interface nsIMsgThread;
interface nsIMsgDBViewCommandUpdater;
interface nsIMsgDatabase;
interface nsIMsgSearchSession;
interface nsIMutableArray;
interface nsISimpleEnumerator;
interface nsITreeView;
interface nsIMsgCustomColumnHandler;

typedef long nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue;
typedef long nsMsgViewCommandCheckStateValue;
typedef long nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue;
typedef long nsMsgNavigationTypeValue;

[scriptable, uuid(682a18be-fd18-11d4-a5be-0060b0fc04b7)]
interface nsMsgViewSortOrder
  const nsMsgViewSortOrderValue none = 0;
  const nsMsgViewSortOrderValue ascending = 1;
  const nsMsgViewSortOrderValue descending = 2;

[scriptable, uuid(f28a1cdf-06c3-4e98-8f66-f49991670071)]
interface nsMsgViewType {
  const nsMsgViewTypeValue eShowAllThreads = 0;
  const nsMsgViewTypeValue eShowThreadsWithUnread = 2;
  const nsMsgViewTypeValue eShowWatchedThreadsWithUnread = 3;
  const nsMsgViewTypeValue eShowQuickSearchResults = 4;
  const nsMsgViewTypeValue eShowVirtualFolderResults = 5;
  const nsMsgViewTypeValue eShowSearch = 6;

[scriptable, uuid(64852276-1dd2-11b2-8103-afe12002c053)]
interface nsMsgViewFlagsType
   * flags for GetViewFlags
  const nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue kNone = 0x0;
  const nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue kThreadedDisplay = 0x1;
  const nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue kShowIgnored = 0x8;
  const nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue kUnreadOnly = 0x10;
  const nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue kExpandAll = 0x20;
  const nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue kGroupBySort = 0x40;

[scriptable, uuid(e8fdf9ca-9425-49de-b231-8d8fb51b8ee2)]
interface nsMsgViewSortType
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byNone = 0x11; /* not sorted */
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byDate = 0x12;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue bySubject = 0x13;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byAuthor = 0x14;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byId = 0x15;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byThread = 0x16;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byPriority = 0x17;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byStatus = 0x18;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue bySize = 0x19;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byFlagged = 0x1a;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byUnread = 0x1b;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byRecipient = 0x1c;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byLocation = 0x1d;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byTags = 0x1e;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byJunkStatus = 0x1f;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byAttachments = 0x20;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byAccount = 0x21;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byCustom = 0x22;
  const nsMsgViewSortTypeValue byReceived = 0x23;

[scriptable, uuid(255d1c1e-fde7-11d4-a5be-0060b0fc04b7)]
interface nsMsgViewNotificationCode
  const nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue none = 0;        
  /* No change; this call is just being used to potentially nest other sets of calls
     inside it.  The "where" and "num" parameters are unused. 
  const nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue insertOrDelete = 1;    
  /* Some lines have been inserted or deleted.
     The "where" parameter will indicate the first line that has been added or
     removed; the "num" parameter will indicate how many lines, and will be positive on
     an insertion and negative on a deletion. 
  const nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue changed = 2;      
  /* Some lines have had their contents changed (e.g., messages have been marked read
    or something.)  "where" indicates the first line with a change; "num" indicates
    how many chaged. 
 const nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue  scramble = 3;  
 /* Everything changed.  Probably means we resorted the folder.  We are still working
    with the same set of items, or at least have some overlap, but all the indices are
    invalid.  The "where" and "num" parameters are unused. 
  const nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue all = 4;
  /* Everything changed.  We're now not displaying anything like what we were; we
     probably opened a new folder or something. The FE needs to forget anything it ever knew
     about what was being displayed, and start over.  The "where" and "num" parameters are
  const nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue totalContentChanged = 5;
  /* Introduced for the address book to support virtual list views.  The total number of
      entries on the LDAP directory has changed and the FE must update its scrollbar.  The
      "num" parameter contains the total number of entries on the LDAP server. 
  const nsMsgViewNotificationCodeValue newTopIndex = 6;        
  /* Introduced for the address book to support virtual list views.  The virtual list view
     cache data has changed and the FE view may be out of date.  The view should be updated
     so that the first/top index in the view is the index in the "where" parameter.  The
     scrollbar should be updated to match the new position. 


[scriptable, uuid(4ec9248e-0108-11d5-a5be-0060b0fc04b7)]
interface nsMsgViewCommandCheckState
  const nsMsgViewCommandCheckStateValue notUsed = 0;
  const nsMsgViewCommandCheckStateValue checked = 1;
  const nsMsgViewCommandCheckStateValue unchecked = 2;

[scriptable, uuid(ad36e6cc-0109-11d5-a5be-0060b0fc04b7)]
interface nsMsgViewCommandType
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue markMessagesRead = 0;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue markMessagesUnread = 1;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue toggleMessageRead = 2;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue flagMessages = 3;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue unflagMessages = 4;

  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue toggleThreadWatched = 6;

  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue deleteMsg = 7;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue deleteNoTrash = 8;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue markThreadRead = 9;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue markAllRead = 10;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue expandAll = 11;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue collapseAll = 12;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue copyMessages = 13;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue moveMessages = 14;

  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue selectAll = 15;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue downloadSelectedForOffline = 16;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue downloadFlaggedForOffline = 17;

  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue selectThread = 18;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue selectFlagged = 19;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue cmdRequiringMsgBody = 20;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue label0 = 21;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue label1 = 22;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue label2 = 23;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue label3 = 24;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue label4 = 25;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue label5 = 26;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue lastLabel = 26;

  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue junk = 27;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue unjunk = 28;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue undeleteMsg = 29;

  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue applyFilters = 30;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue runJunkControls = 31;
  const nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue deleteJunk = 32;

[scriptable, uuid(65903eb2-1dd2-11b2-ac45-c5b69c1618d7)]
interface nsMsgNavigationType
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue firstMessage = 1;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue nextMessage = 2;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue previousMessage = 3;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue lastMessage = 4;
   * must match nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue toggleThreadKilled
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue toggleThreadKilled = 5;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue firstUnreadMessage = 6;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue nextUnreadMessage = 7;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue previousUnreadMessage = 8;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue lastUnreadMessage = 9;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue nextUnreadThread = 10;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue nextUnreadFolder = 11;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue nextFolder = 12;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue readMore = 13;
   * Go back to the previous visited message
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue back = 15;
   * Go forward to the previous visited message 
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue forward = 16;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue firstFlagged = 17;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue nextFlagged = 18;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue previousFlagged = 19;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue firstNew = 20;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue editUndo = 21;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue editRedo = 22;
  const nsMsgNavigationTypeValue toggleSubthreadKilled = 23;

[scriptable, uuid(cc1fb1d8-b033-478f-be73-982aff2248ef)]
interface nsIMsgDBView : nsISupports
  void open(in nsIMsgFolder folder, in nsMsgViewSortTypeValue sortType, in nsMsgViewSortOrderValue sortOrder, in nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue viewFlags, out long count);
  void openWithHdrs(in nsISimpleEnumerator aHeaders, in nsMsgViewSortTypeValue aSortType, 
                      in nsMsgViewSortOrderValue aSortOrder, 
                      in nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue aViewFlags, out long aCount);
  void close();

  void init(in nsIMessenger aMessengerInstance, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in nsIMsgDBViewCommandUpdater aCommandUpdater);

  void sort(in nsMsgViewSortTypeValue sortType, in nsMsgViewSortOrderValue sortOrder);

  void doCommand(in nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue command);
  void doCommandWithFolder(in nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue command, in nsIMsgFolder destFolder);
  void getCommandStatus(in nsMsgViewCommandTypeValue command, out boolean selectable_p, 
                        out nsMsgViewCommandCheckStateValue selected_p);

  readonly attribute nsMsgViewTypeValue viewType;
  attribute nsMsgViewFlagsTypeValue viewFlags;
  /** Assigning to this value does not induce a sort; use the sort() method! */
  attribute nsMsgViewSortTypeValue sortType;
  readonly attribute nsMsgViewSortOrderValue sortOrder;
   * Reflects the current secondary sort when a secondary sort is in effect.
   *  If the primary sort is by date or id, the value of this attribute is moot.
   * Assigning to this value does not induce a sort; use the sort() method once
   *  to set your secondary sort, then use it again to set your primary sort.
   *  The only conceivable reason to write to this value is if you have a
   *  grouped view where you want to affect the sort order of the (secondary)
   *  date sort.  (Secondary sort is always by date for grouped views.)
  attribute nsMsgViewSortTypeValue secondarySortType;
   * Reflects the current secondary sort order.
   * Assigning to this value does not induce a sort; use the sort() method for
   *  all primary and secondary sort needs.  The only reason to assign to this
   *  value is to affect the secondary sort of a grouped view.
  attribute nsMsgViewSortOrderValue secondarySortOrder;
  readonly attribute nsMsgKey keyForFirstSelectedMessage;
  readonly attribute nsMsgViewIndex viewIndexForFirstSelectedMsg;
   * this method will automatically expand the destination thread, 
   * if needs be. 
  void viewNavigate(in nsMsgNavigationTypeValue motion, out nsMsgKey resultId, out nsMsgViewIndex resultIndex, out nsMsgViewIndex threadIndex, in boolean wrap);

   * Indicates if navigation of the passed motion type is valid. 
  boolean navigateStatus(in nsMsgNavigationTypeValue motion);

  readonly attribute nsIMsgFolder msgFolder;
  attribute nsIMsgFolder viewFolder; // in the case of virtual folders, the VF db.

  nsMsgKey getKeyAt(in nsMsgViewIndex index);

   * Get the view flags at the passed in index.
   * @param aIndex - index to get the view flags for
   * @ return - 32 bit view flags (e.g., elided)
  unsigned long getFlagsAt(in nsMsgViewIndex aIndex);

   * Get the msg hdr at the passed in index
   * @param aIndex - index to get the msg hdr at.
   * @return - msg hdr at the passed in index
  nsIMsgDBHdr getMsgHdrAt(in nsMsgViewIndex aIndex);

  nsIMsgFolder getFolderForViewIndex(in nsMsgViewIndex index); // mainly for search
  ACString getURIForViewIndex(in nsMsgViewIndex index);
  nsIMsgDBView cloneDBView(in nsIMessenger aMessengerInstance, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in nsIMsgDBViewCommandUpdater aCommandUpdater);

   * Provides a list of the message headers for the currently selected messages.
   *  If the "mail.operate_on_msgs_in_collapsed_threads" preference is enabled,
   *  then any collapsed thread roots that are selected will also (conceptually)
   *  have all of the messages in that thread selected and they will be included
   *  in the returned list. The one exception to this is if the front end fails
   *  to summarize the selection, and we fall back to just displaying a single
   *  message. In that case, we won't include the children of the collapsed
   *  thread. However, the numSelected attribute will count those children,
   *  because the summarizeSelection code uses that to know that it should
   *  try to summarize the selection.
   * If the user has right-clicked on a message, this will return that message
   *  (and any collapsed children if so enabled) and not the selection prior to
   *  the right-click.
   * @return an nsIMutableArray containing the selected message headers.  You
   *     are free to mutate the array; it will not affect the underlying
   *     selection.
  nsIMutableArray getMsgHdrsForSelection();
  void getURIsForSelection(out unsigned long count, [retval, array, size_is(count)] out string uris);
  void getIndicesForSelection(out unsigned long count, [retval, array, size_is(count)] out nsMsgViewIndex indices);

  readonly attribute ACString URIForFirstSelectedMessage;
  readonly attribute nsIMsgDBHdr hdrForFirstSelectedMessage;
  void loadMessageByMsgKey(in nsMsgKey aMsgKey);
  void loadMessageByViewIndex(in nsMsgViewIndex aIndex);
  void loadMessageByUrl(in string aUrl);
  void reloadMessage();
  void reloadMessageWithAllParts();

   * The number of selected messages.  If the
   *  "mail.operate_on_msgs_in_collapsed_threads" preference is enabled, then
   *  any collapsed thread roots that are selected will also conceptually have
   *  all of the messages in that thread selected.
  readonly attribute unsigned long numSelected;
  readonly attribute nsMsgViewIndex msgToSelectAfterDelete; 
  readonly attribute nsMsgViewIndex currentlyDisplayedMessage; 

   * Number of messages in view, including messages in collapsed threads.
   * Not currently implemented for threads with unread or watched threads
   * with unread.
  readonly attribute long numMsgsInView;
  // used by "go to folder" feature
  // and "remember last selected message" feature
  // if key is not found, we don't select.
  void selectMsgByKey(in nsMsgKey key);

  void selectFolderMsgByKey(in nsIMsgFolder aFolder, in nsMsgKey aKey);
  // we'll suppress displaying messages if the message pane is collapsed
  attribute boolean suppressMsgDisplay;

  // we'll suppress command updating during folder loading
  attribute boolean suppressCommandUpdating;

   * Suppress change notifications. This is faster than Begin/EndUpdateBatch
   * on the tree, but less safe in that you're responsible for row invalidation
   * and row count changes.
  attribute boolean suppressChangeNotifications;

  //to notify tree that rows are going away
  void onDeleteCompleted(in boolean succeeded);

  readonly attribute nsIMsgDatabase db;

  readonly attribute boolean supportsThreading;

  attribute nsIMsgSearchSession searchSession;
  readonly attribute boolean removeRowOnMoveOrDelete; 

   * Finds the view index of the passed in msgKey. Note this should not
   * be called on cross-folder views since the msgKey may not be unique.
   * @param aMsgKey - key to find.
   * @param aExpand - whether to expand a collapsed thread to find the key.
   * @return        - view index of msg hdr, -1 if hdr not found.
  nsMsgViewIndex findIndexFromKey(in nsMsgKey aMsgKey, in boolean aExpand);
   * Finds the view index of the passed in msgHdr.
   * @param aMsgHdr - hdr to find.
   * @param aExpand - whether to expand a collapsed thread to find the hdr.
   * @return        - view index of msg hdr, -1 if hdr not found.
  nsMsgViewIndex findIndexOfMsgHdr(in nsIMsgDBHdr aMsgHdr, in boolean aExpand);
  void ExpandAndSelectThreadByIndex(in nsMsgViewIndex aIndex, in boolean aAugment);

   * This method returns the nsIMsgThread object containing the header displayed
   * at the desired row. For grouped views and cross folder saved searches,
   * this will be the view thread, not the db thread.
   * @param aIndex   view index we want corresponding thread object of.
   * @return         the thread object at the requested view index
  nsIMsgThread getThreadContainingIndex(in nsMsgViewIndex aIndex);

   * Return the view thread corresponding to aMsgHdr. If we're a cross-folder
   * view, then it would be the cross folder view thread, otherwise, the 
   * db thread object.
   * @param aMsgHdr message header we want the view thread object of.
   * @return        view thread object for msg hdr.
  nsIMsgThread getThreadContainingMsgHdr(in nsIMsgDBHdr aMsgHdr);

  // use lines or kB for size?
  readonly attribute boolean usingLines;
  // Custom Column Implementation note: see nsIMsgCustomColumnHandler
  // attaches a custom column handler to a specific column (can be a new column or a built in)
  void addColumnHandler(in AString aColumn, in nsIMsgCustomColumnHandler aHandler);
  // removes a custom column handler leaving the column to be handled by the system
  void removeColumnHandler(in AString aColumn);
  // returns the custom column handler attached to a specific column - if any
  nsIMsgCustomColumnHandler getColumnHandler(in AString aColumn);

   * The custom column to use for sorting purposes (when sort type is
   *  nsMsgViewSortType.byCustom.)
  attribute AString curCustomColumn;
   * Scriptable accessor for the cell text for a column
   * @param aRow - row we want cell text for
   * @param aColumnName - name of column we want cell text for
   * @returns The cell text for the given row and column, if any.
   * @notes This does not work for custom columns yet.
  AString cellTextForColumn(in long aRow, in wstring aColumnName);

/* this interface is rapidly morphing from a command updater interface into a more generic
   FE updater interface to handle changes in the view 

[scriptable, uuid(ce8f52ee-e742-4b31-8bdd-2b3a8168a117)]
interface nsIMsgDBViewCommandUpdater : nsISupports
  /* Eventually we'll flush this out into some kind of rich interface
  which may take specifc selection changed type notifications like
  no selections, single selection, multi-selection, etc. For starters,
  we are going to keep it generic. The back end will only push an update
  command status when the # of selected items changes.

  void updateCommandStatus();

  /* displayed message has changed */
  void displayMessageChanged(in nsIMsgFolder aFolder, in AString aSubject, in ACString aKeywords);

  * allows the backend to tell the front end to re-determine 
  * which message we should selet after a delete or move
  void updateNextMessageAfterDelete();
  * tell the front end that the selection has changed, and may need to be
  * resummarized.
  * @return   true if we did summarize, false otherwise.
  boolean summarizeSelection();