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Bug 604757 - Attendee status icon is missing r=philipp

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#include "nsITreeView.idl"

interface nsIMsgDBHdr;

    /* //TODO JavaDoc
       When implementing a js custom column handler (of type nsITreeView) you must implement the following
       1. isEditable
       2. GetCellProperties
       3. GetImageSrc
       4. GetCellText
       5. CycleCell
       6. GetSortStringForRow
       7. GetSortLongForRow
       8. isString
       You can, at your option, implement 
       9.  GetRowProperties.

      If implementing a c++ custom column handler, you must define all 
      nsITreeView and nsIMsgCustomColumnHandler methods.

[scriptable, uuid(00f75b13-3ac4-4a17-a8b9-c6e4dd1b3f32)]
interface nsIMsgCustomColumnHandler : nsITreeView
  AString getSortStringForRow(in nsIMsgDBHdr aHdr);
  unsigned long getSortLongForRow(in nsIMsgDBHdr aHdr);
  boolean isString();