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Bug 604757 - Attendee status icon is missing r=philipp

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#ifndef MailNewsTypes_h__
#define MailNewsTypes_h__

#include "msgCore.h"
#include "prtypes.h"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.h"

/* nsMsgKey is a unique ID for a particular message in a folder.  If you want
   a handle to a message that will remain valid even after resorting the folder
   or otherwise changing their indices, you want one of these rather than a
   nsMsgViewIndex. nsMsgKeys don't survive local mail folder compression, however.
const nsMsgKey nsMsgKey_None = 0xffffffff;

/* nsMsgViewIndex
 * A generic index type from which other index types are derived.  All nsMsgViewIndex
 * derived types are zero based.
 * The following index types are currently supported:
 *  - nsMsgViewIndex - an index into the list of messages or folders or groups,
 *    where zero is the first one to show, one is the second, etc...
 *  - AB_SelectionIndex
 *  - AB_NameCompletionIndex

const nsMsgViewIndex nsMsgViewIndex_None = 0xFFFFFFFF;