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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIRequest;
interface nsIFeedResult;

 * nsIFeedResultService provides a globally-accessible object for retrieving
 * the results of feed processing.
[scriptable, uuid(950a829e-c20e-4dc3-b447-f8b753ae54da)]
interface nsIFeedResultService : nsISupports
   * When set to true, forces the preview page to be displayed, regardless
   * of the user's preferences.
  attribute boolean forcePreviewPage;

   * Adds a URI to the user's specified external feed handler, or live
   * bookmarks.
   * @param   uri
   *          The uri of the feed to add.
   * @param   title
   *          The title of the feed to add.
   * @param   subtitle
   *          The subtitle of the feed to add.
   * @param   feedType
   *          The nsIFeed type of the feed.  See nsIFeed.idl
  void addToClientReader(in AUTF8String uri,
                         in AString title,
                         in AString subtitle,
                         in unsigned long feedType);

   * Registers a Feed Result object with a globally accessible service
   * so that it can be accessed by a singleton method outside the usual
   * flow of control in document loading.
   * @param   feedResult
   *          An object implementing nsIFeedResult representing the feed.
  void addFeedResult(in nsIFeedResult feedResult);

   * Gets a Feed Handler object registered using addFeedResult.
   * @param   uri
   *          The URI of the feed a handler is being requested for
  nsIFeedResult getFeedResult(in nsIURI uri);

   * Unregisters a Feed Handler object registered using addFeedResult.
   * @param   uri
   *          The feed URI the handler was registered under. This must be
   *          the same *instance* the feed was registered under.
  void removeFeedResult(in nsIURI uri);