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Bug 1637207 - Port bug 1636909: Update the Master Password OS authentication prompt string on Windows. r=mkmelin Port of

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

pane-general-title = General
category-general =
    .tooltiptext = { pane-general-title }

general-language-and-appearance-header = Language & Appearance

general-incoming-mail-header = Incoming Mails

general-files-and-attachment-header = Files & Attachments

general-tags-header = Tags

general-reading-and-display-header = Reading & Display

general-updates-header = Updates

general-network-and-diskspace-header = Network & Disk Space

general-indexing-label = Indexing

composition-category-header = Composition

composition-attachments-header = Attachments

composition-spelling-title = Spelling

compose-html-style-title = HTML Style

composition-addressing-header = Addressing

privacy-main-header = Privacy

privacy-passwords-header = Passwords

privacy-junk-header = Junk

privacy-data-collection-header = Data Collection and Use

privacy-security-header = Security

privacy-scam-detection-title = Scam Detection

privacy-anti-virus-title = Antivirus

privacy-certificates-title = Certificates

chat-pane-header = Chat

chat-status-title = Status

chat-notifications-title = Notifications

chat-pane-styling-header = Styling

choose-messenger-language-description = Choose the languages used to display menus, messages, and notifications from { -brand-short-name }.
manage-messenger-languages-button =
  .label = Set Alternatives…
  .accesskey = l
confirm-messenger-language-change-description = Restart { -brand-short-name } to apply these changes
confirm-messenger-language-change-button = Apply and Restart

update-setting-write-failure-title = Error saving Update preferences

# Variables:
#   $path (String) - Path to the configuration file
# The newlines between the main text and the line containing the path is
# intentional so the path is easier to identify.
update-setting-write-failure-message =
    { -brand-short-name } encountered an error and didn’t save this change. Note that setting this update preference requires permission to write to the file below. You or a system administrator may be able resolve the error by granting the Users group full control to this file.

    Could not write to file: { $path }

update-in-progress-title = Update In Progress

update-in-progress-message = Do you want { -brand-short-name } to continue with this update?

update-in-progress-ok-button = &Discard
# Continue is the cancel button so pressing escape or using a platform standard
# method of closing the UI will not discard the update.
update-in-progress-cancel-button = &Continue

## OS Authentication dialog

# This message can be seen by trying to add a Master Password.
master-password-os-auth-dialog-message-win = To create a Master Password, enter your Windows login credentials. This helps protect the security of your accounts.

# This message can be seen by trying to add a Master Password.
# The macOS strings are preceded by the operating system with "Thunderbird is trying to "
# and includes subtitle of "Enter password for the user "xxx" to allow this." These
# notes are only valid for English. Please test in your locale.
master-password-os-auth-dialog-message-macosx = create a Master Password

# Don't change this label.
master-password-os-auth-dialog-caption = { -brand-full-name }