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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface calICalendar;
interface nsIDOMChromeWindow;

[scriptable, uuid(60160f68-4514-41b4-a19d-2f2cf0143426)]
interface calIStatusObserver : nsISupports

 void initialize(in nsIDOMChromeWindow aWindow);

  * Starts the display of an operation to check a series of calendars
  * This operation may either be determined or undetermined
  * @param aProgressMode    An integer value that can accept DETERMINED_PROGRESS,
  *                           UNDETERMINED_PROGRESS or NO_PROGRESS
  * @param aCalendarsCount  If the first parameter is DETERMINED_PROGRESS
  *                           aCalendarCount is the number of Calendars
  *                           which completion is to be displayed
  void startMeteors(in unsigned long aProgressMode, in unsigned long aCalendarCount);

  * stops the display of an progressed operation
  void stopMeteors();

   * increments the display value denoting that a calendar has been processed
  void calendarCompleted(in calICalendar aCalendar);

   * @return    An integer value denoting wheter a progress is running or not;
   *              if it returns DETERMINED_PROGRESS a determined progress 
                  is running;
   *              if it returns UNDETERMINED_PROGRESS an undetermined progress 
                  is running;
   *              if it returns NO_PROGRESS no Progress is running.
  readonly attribute unsigned long spinning;

   * A constant that denotes that no operation is running
  const unsigned long NO_PROGRESS = 0;

   * A constant that refers to whether an operation is determined
  const unsigned long DETERMINED_PROGRESS = 1;

   * A constant that refers to whether an operation is undetermined
  const unsigned long UNDETERMINED_PROGRESS = 2;