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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "calIOperation.idl"

 * Interface that can be used on services that need to be started up and shut
 * down. The service needs to be registered within calStartupService.js, so this
 * is only useful from within calendar code. If you want calendar code to be
 * fully initialized, listen to "calendar-startup-done" via nsIObserverService.
[scriptable, uuid(99d52094-37f9-4c81-9c55-32fbeb6a79cf)]
interface calIStartupService: nsISupports
     * Function called when the service should be started
     * @param completeListener      The listener to call on startup completion.
    void startup(in calIGenericOperationListener completeListener);

     * Function called when the service should be shut down.
     * @param completeListener      The listener to call on shutdown completion.
    void shutdown(in calIGenericOperationListener completeListener);