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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface calICalendar;
interface calIDateTime;
interface calIEvent;
interface calIItemBase;

[scriptable, uuid(40430501-a666-4c24-b234-eeac5ccb70f6)]
interface calICalendarViewController : nsISupports
   * Create an event, with an optional start time and optional end
   * time in the given Calendar.  The Calendar will be the
   * displayCalendar set on the View which invokes this method
   * on the controller, or null, if the views wish to delegate the
   * choice of the calendar to the controller.
   * If neither aStartTime or aEndTime are given, the user wants to
   * create a generic event with no information prefilled.
   * If aStartTime is given and is a date, the user wants to
   * create an all day event, optionally a multi-all-day event if
   * aEndTime is given (and is also a date).
   * If aStartTime is given and is a time, but no aEndTime is
   * given, the user wants to create an event starting at
   * aStartTime and of the default duration.  The controller has the
   * option of creating this event automatically or via the dialog.
   * If both aStartTime and aEndTime are given as times, then
   * the user wants to create an event going from aStartTime
   * to aEndTime.
  void createNewEvent (in calICalendar aCalendar,
		       in calIDateTime aStartTime,
		       in calIDateTime aEndTime);

   * Modify aOccurrence.  If aNewStartTime and aNewEndTime are given,
   * update the event to those times.  If aNewTitle is given, modify the title
   * of the item.  If no parameters are given, ask the user to modify.
  void modifyOccurrence (in calIItemBase aOccurrence,
                         in calIDateTime aNewStartTime,
                         in calIDateTime aNewEndTime,
                         in AString aNewTitle);
   * Delete all events in the given array. If more than one event is passed,
   * this will prompt whether to delete just this occurrence or all occurrences.
   * All passed events will be handled in one transaction, i.e undoing this will
   * make all events reappear.
   * @param aCount          The number of events in the array
   * @param aOccurrences    An array of Items/Occurrences to delete
   * @param aUseParentItems If set, each occurrence will have its parent item
   *                        deleted.
   * @param aDoNotConfirm   If set, the events will be deleted without
   *                        confirmation.
  void deleteOccurrences (in PRUint32 aCount,
                          [array, size_is(aCount)]
                          in calIItemBase aOccurrences,
                          in boolean aUseParentItems,
                          in boolean aDoNotConfirm);