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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIMsgCompose.idl"
#include "nsIMsgComposeParams.idl"

interface nsIURI;
interface nsIDOMWindowInternal;
interface nsIMsgWindow;
interface nsIMsgIdentity;
interface nsIMsgIncomingServer;
interface nsIMsgDBHdr;

[scriptable, uuid(ce5f77c8-f278-4ec7-b8dd-ea9dc84af137)]
interface nsIMsgComposeService : nsISupports {

  /* we need a msg window because when we forward inline we may need progress */
  void OpenComposeWindow(in string msgComposeWindowURL,
                         in nsIMsgDBHdr msgHdr,
                         in string originalMsgURI,
                         in MSG_ComposeType type, 
                         in MSG_ComposeFormat format,
                         in nsIMsgIdentity identity, 
                         in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);

    /* use this method to invoke a compose window given a mailto url.
     aMsgComposeWindowURL --> can be null in most cases. If you have your own chrome
     url you want to use in brining up a compose window, pass it in here. 
     aURI --> the mailto url you want to use as the foundation for the data inside
     the compose window  */
  void OpenComposeWindowWithURI(in string msgComposeWindowURL, in nsIURI aURI);

  /* ... */
  void OpenComposeWindowWithParams(in string msgComposeWindowURL, in nsIMsgComposeParams params);

  /* ... */
  nsIMsgCompose InitCompose(in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow, in nsIMsgComposeParams params);

  * defaultIdentity
  * @return the default identity, in case no identity has been setup yet, will return null
  readonly attribute nsIMsgIdentity defaultIdentity;

  /* This function is use for debugging purpose only and may go away at anytime without warning */
  void TimeStamp(in string label, in boolean resetTime);  
  /* This attribute is use for debugging purposes for determining whether to PR_LOG or not */
  readonly attribute boolean logComposePerformance;

  [noscript] boolean determineComposeHTML(in nsIMsgIdentity aIdentity, in MSG_ComposeFormat aFormat);
  [noscript] void cacheWindow(in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow, in boolean aComposeHTML, in nsIMsgComposeRecyclingListener listener);
  boolean isCachedWindow(in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow);

   * given a mailto url, parse the attributes and turn them into a nsIMsgComposeParams object
   * @return nsIMsgComposeParams which corresponds to the passed in mailto url
  nsIMsgComposeParams getParamsForMailto(in nsIURI aURI); 

   * Allow filters to automatically forward a message to the given address(es).
   * @param forwardTo the address(es) to forward to
   * @param msgHdr the header of the message being replied to
   * @param msgWindow message window to use
   * @param server server to use for determining which account to send from
  void forwardMessage(in AString forwardTo, in nsIMsgDBHdr msgHdr,
                      in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow, in nsIMsgIncomingServer server);

   * Allow filters to automatically reply to a message. The reply message is
   * based on the given template.
   * @param msgHdr the header of the message being replied to
   * @param templateUri uri of the template to base ther reply on
   * @param msgWindow message window to use
   * @param server server to use for determining which account to send from
  void replyWithTemplate(in nsIMsgDBHdr msgHdr, in string templateUri,
                         in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow, in nsIMsgIncomingServer server);

   * Every open compose window registers itself with the compose service 
   * This allows consumers to get the msg compose object associated with a dom window
   * @param aWindow The DOM Window 
   * @param aMsgCompose The compose object associated with the compose window
  void registerComposeWindow(in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow, in nsIMsgCompose aMsgCompose);

   * When a compose window is being closed (or recyled), it unregisters itself
   * from the compose service. 
   * @param aWindow The DOM Window 
  void unregisterComposeWindow(in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow);
   * For aWindow, returns the nsIMsgCompose object associated with the window.
   * @param aWindow The DOMWindow associated with the compose window.
   * @return NS_ERROR_FAILURE if we could not find a nsIMsgCompose for the passed in
   *         DOM Window.
  nsIMsgCompose getMsgComposeForWindow(in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow);