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Fix bug 678343 - Adapt to the new chrome worker code / Cannot parse ICS files / workerfactory undefined. r=mmecca

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# HOWTO update the timezones.sqlite:
# 1. Download latest vzic and Olson database
#    vzic:     <>
#    Olson DB: <>
#    Modify vzic Makefile to your OLSON_DIR and set *empty* TZID_PREFIX, then
#    then make vzic and execute to produce zoneinfo.
# 2. Bump calendar/timezones/config/version.txt
# 3. Then, make update=<vzic-dir>/zoneinfo/
#    a)  This will read both the current (old) timezones.sqlite from
#        mozilla/calendar/timezones/timezones.sqlite and produce a new timezones.sqlite
#    b)  This will read the current and dump out which identifiers
#        are obsolete and which ones are to be added.

DEPTH = ../..
topsrcdir = @top_srcdir@
srcdir = @srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@

include $(DEPTH)/config/

MODULE = timezones
export XPI_NAME = calendar-timezones
DIST_FILES = install.rdf
XPI_PKGNAME = calendar-timezones

PREF_JS_EXPORTS = $(srcdir)/defaults/preferences.js
DIRS = locales

# install as a global extension in dist/bin/extensions/

CALENDAR_VERSION := $(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/calendar/sunbird/config/version.txt)
THUNDERBIRD_VERSION := $(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/mail/config/version.txt)
SEAMONKEY_VERSION := $(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/suite/config/version.txt)
TIMEZONES_VERSION := $(shell cat $(srcdir)/config/version.txt)


TIMEZONES_SQLITE =  $(srcdir)/timezones.sqlite

ifneq ($(strip $(update)),)
	echo 'SELECT * FROM tz_data ORDER BY tzid;' | sqlite3 $(TIMEZONES_SQLITE) > $(srcdir)/timezones_before_update.dump
	$(DIST)/bin/ $(DIST)/bin/xpcshell -s -w $(srcdir)/update.js $(update) $(srcdir)/$(DEPTH) $(TIMEZONES_VERSION)
	echo 'SELECT * FROM tz_data ORDER BY tzid;' | sqlite3 $(TIMEZONES_SQLITE) > $(srcdir)/timezones.dump


	$(MAKE) -C locales libs AB_CD=$* XPI_NAME=calendar-timezones USE_EXTENSION_MANIFEST=1

include $(topsrcdir)/config/