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Bug 656736 - Support upgrading to the latest version of MozMill. r=Standard8 This patch adds mozmill 1.5.4b4, mozrunner 2.5.5b4 and jsbridge 2.4.4b4 to the tree. It also sets up a virtualenv to install mozmill and its dependencies in. This patch means Thunderbird developers will no longer need to have MozMill or its dependencies installed in order to run MozMill tests.

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usage() if $#ARGV != 1;

# files to check but ignore...
my @exceptions = ( "components/autocomplete.xpt" );

my $filelist = $ARGV[0];
open FILELIST,"$filelist" or die "can not open $filelist\n";
my @rmfiles = <FILELIST>;
close FILELIST or die "can not close $filelist\n";
chomp @rmfilelist;

my $startdir = $ARGV[1];

die "no such directory: $startdir\n" if ! -d $startdir;

my $probsfound = 0;
my @foundlist = ();

foreach my $onefile ( @rmfiles ) {
    my $ignore = 0;
	chomp $onefile;
    foreach my $ignoreme ( @exceptions ) {
        $ignore = 1 if "$onefile" eq "$ignoreme";
    next if $ignore;
	if ( -f "$startdir/$onefile" ) {
#		print "found $startdir/$onefile\n";
		push @foundlist, "$startdir/$onefile\n";
		$probsfound = 1;

if ( $probsfound ) {
	print STDERR "ERROR: files found that are listed in \"$filelist\" but exist in \"$startdir\":\n";
	print STDERR "@foundlist\n";
	exit 2;

sub usage
	print STDERR "\nusage: $0 <remove-files list> <lookup dir>\n\n";
	exit 1;