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Bug 1172360 - Handle join MUC command without passing server domain in XMPP. r=aleth

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  Interface for importing mail - ui provided by the import module.  If
  you wish to provide your own UI then implement the nsIImportGeneric

  Can I get an attribute set method to take a const value???


#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIFile;

 * Implementation Note:
 * The default implementation can be obtained from
 * nsIImportService::CreateNewABDescriptor();
 * You should only be interested in using this class if you implement
 * the nsIImportAddressBooks interface in which case, just using the service to
 * create new ones should work fine for you.  If not, implement your
 * own.
[scriptable, uuid(2d8983b2-cea6-4ae2-9145-eb772481fa18)]
interface nsIImportABDescriptor : nsISupports
   *  use the following 2 attributes however you'd like to
   * refer to a specific address book
  attribute unsigned long identifier;
  attribute unsigned long ref;

   * Doesn't have to be accurate, this is merely used to report progress.
   * If you're importing a file, using file size and reporting progress
   * as the number of bytes processed so far makes sense.  For other formats
   * returning the number of records may make more sense.
  attribute unsigned long size;

   * The preferred name for this address book.  Depending upon how the
   * user selected import, the caller of the nsIImportAddressBooks interface
   * may use this name to create the destination address book or it may
   * ignore it.  However, this must be provided in all cases as it is
   * also displayed in the UI to the user.
  attribute AString preferredName;

   * For address books that want a file descriptor to locate the address book.
   * For formats that do not, use identifier & ref to refer to the address book
   * OR implement your own nsIImportABDescriptor that contains additional data
   * necessary to identify specific address books,
  attribute nsIFile abFile;

   * Set by the UI to indicate whether or not this address book should be imported.
   attribute boolean import;