author Rob Lemley <>
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 16:36:56 -0400
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Bug 1623907 - Do not check suite code with mozlint when running on Taskcluster. r=darktrojan The Seamonkey project does not use Taskcluster for builds, but they are working on using mozlint. In order to accommodate both projects and minimize duplicate code, when MOZLINT_NO_SUITE is set, comm/suite and comm/editor will get added to the exclude list. This makes it easy for Thunderbird developers to do the same when running "mach lint" locally.

    description: Shell script linter
        - .
    exclude: []
    # 1090:
    # 'Can't follow a non-constant source'
    extensions: ['sh']
        - 'tools/lint/shell/**'
    excludecodes: ['1090', '1091']
    type: external
    payload: commlint:lint_wrapper
    wraps: shell:lint