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Bug 802352 - Port |Bug 797049 - Disable C4351 as an MSVC warning about a change to be standards-compliant in MSVC2005 (!). Also sync up warning-disabling between and js/src/, and add comments about the warnings being disabled| to comm-central r=callek

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIFile;
interface nsIMsgNewsFolder;
interface nsINNTPProtocol;
interface nsNNTPProtocol;
interface nsIChannel;
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIMsgWindow;

[scriptable, uuid(077620ed-c6c4-4d4d-bed5-4d041f924002)]
interface nsINntpIncomingServer : nsISupports {
    /* the on-disk path to the newsrc file for this server */
    attribute nsIFile newsrcFilePath;

    /* the newsrc root path (the directories all the newsrc files live) */
    attribute nsIFile newsrcRootPath;
    /* ask the user before downloading more than maxArticles? */
    attribute boolean notifyOn;

    /* the max articles to download */
    attribute long maxArticles;

    /* when we don't download all, do we mark the rest read? */
    attribute boolean markOldRead;

    /* abbreviate the newsgroup names in the folder pane? */
    attribute boolean abbreviate;

    /* do we use a single login per server or do we login per group */
    attribute boolean singleSignon;

    /** the server charset and it may be needed to display newsgroup folder
     *  names correctly 
    attribute ACString charset;

    /* the server keeps track of all the newsgroups we are subscribed to */
    void addNewsgroup(in AString name);
    void removeNewsgroup(in AString name);

    void writeNewsrcFile();

    attribute boolean newsrcHasChanged;

     * The maximum number of connections to make to the server.
     * This preference (internally max_cached_connections) controls how many
     * connections we can make. A negative connection count is treated as only
     * one connection, while 0 (the default) loads the default number of
     * connections, presently 2.
    attribute long maximumConnectionsNumber;

    void displaySubscribedGroup(in nsIMsgNewsFolder msgFolder,
                                in long firstMessage, in long lastMessage,
                                in long totalMessages);

     * Get a new NNTP channel to run the URI.
     * If the server has used up all of its connections, this will place the URI
     * in the queue to be run when one is freed.
     * @param uri    The URI to run.
     * @param window The standard message window object.
    nsIChannel getNntpChannel(in nsIURI uri, in nsIMsgWindow window);
     * Enqueues a URI to be run when we have a free connection.
     * If there is one already free, it will be immediately started.
     * @param uri      The URI to run.
     * @param window   The standard message window object.
     * @param consumer An argument to be passed to nsINNTPProtocol:LoadNewUrl.
    void loadNewsUrl(in nsIURI uri, in nsIMsgWindow window,
                     in nsISupports consumer);

     * Remove a connection from our connection cache.
     * @param aNntpConnection The connection to be removed.
    void removeConnection(in nsINNTPProtocol aNntpConnection);

     * Load the next URI in the queue to the given connection.
     * @param aNntpConnection The newly-freed connection.
    [noscript] void prepareForNextUrl(in nsNNTPProtocol aNntpConnection);

     * Returns whether or not the server has subscribed to the given newsgroup.
     * Note that the name here is intended to be escaped; however, since `%' is
     * not a legal newsgroup name, it is possibly safe to pass in an unescaped
     * newsgroup name.
    boolean containsNewsgroup(in AUTF8String escapedName);

    void subscribeToNewsgroup(in AUTF8String name);

    /* used for the subscribe dialog.
       name is encoded in |charset|  (attribute declared above) */
    [noscript] void addNewsgroupToList(in string name);

    attribute boolean supportsExtensions;
    void addExtension(in string extension);
    boolean queryExtension(in string extension);

    attribute boolean postingAllowed;
    attribute boolean pushAuth;
    attribute unsigned long lastUpdatedTime;
    void addPropertyForGet(in string name, in string value);
    string queryPropertyForGet(in string name);
    void addSearchableGroup(in AString name);
    boolean querySearchableGroup(in AString name);
    void addSearchableHeader(in string headerName);
    boolean querySearchableHeader(in string headerName);

     * Returns the folder corresponding to the given group.
     * Note that this name is expected to be unescaped.
     * @note If the group does not exist, a bogus news folder will be returned.
     *       DO NOT call this method unless you are sure that the newsgroup
     *       is subscribed to (e.g., by containsNewsgroup)
    nsIMsgNewsFolder findGroup(in AUTF8String name);

    readonly attribute AUTF8String firstGroupNeedingExtraInfo;
    void setGroupNeedsExtraInfo(in AUTF8String name, in boolean needsExtraInfo);

    void groupNotFound(in nsIMsgWindow window, in AString group,
                       in boolean opening);

    void setPrettyNameForGroup(in AString name, in AString prettyName);