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Bug 787903 Plugin check pref set to instead of causing a useless redirect and making it vulnerable to improper redirects in (Port Bug 752161) r=IanN, a=IanN

dnl Local autoconf macros used with mozilla
dnl The contents of this file are under the Public Domain.

builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/nspr.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/nss.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/pkg.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/codeset.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/altoptions.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/mozprog.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/acwinpaths.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/lto.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/frameptr.m4)dnl
builtin(include, mozilla/build/autoconf/compiler-opts.m4)dnl


# Read the user's .mozconfig script.  We can't do this in
# autoconf puts the argument parsing code above anything
# expanded from, and we need to get the configure options
# from .mozconfig in place before that argument parsing code.