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#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsIMsgIncomingServer.h"
#include "MailNewsTypes.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsIMailboxSpec.h"

class nsImapFlagAndUidState;
class nsImapProtocol;

static const char kImapRootURI[] = "imap:/";
static const char kImapMessageRootURI[] = "imap-message:/";
static const char kModSeqPropertyName[] = "highestModSeq";
static const char kHighestRecordedUIDPropertyName[] = "highestRecordedUID";
static const char kDeletedHdrCountPropertyName[] = "numDeletedHeaders";

extern nsresult
nsImapURI2Path(const char* rootURI, const char* uriStr, 
               nsILocalFile **pathResult);

extern nsresult
nsImapURI2FullName(const char* rootURI, const char* hostname, const char* uriStr,
                   char **name);

extern nsresult
nsParseImapMessageURI(const char* uri, nsCString& folderURI, PRUint32 *key, char **part);

extern nsresult 
nsBuildImapMessageURI(const char *baseURI, PRUint32 key, nsCString& uri);

extern nsresult
nsCreateImapBaseMessageURI(const nsACString& baseURI, nsCString& baseMessageURI);

void AllocateImapUidString(PRUint32 *msgUids, PRUint32 &msgCount, nsImapFlagAndUidState *flagState, nsCString &returnString);
void ParseUidString(const char *uidString, nsTArray<nsMsgKey> &keys);
void AppendUid(nsCString &msgIds, PRUint32 uid);

/* returns 0 for parse failure */
PRUint64 ParseUint64Str(const char *str);

class nsImapMailboxSpec : public nsIMailboxSpec
  virtual ~nsImapMailboxSpec();
  nsImapMailboxSpec& operator= (const nsImapMailboxSpec& aCopy);
  nsCOMPtr<nsIImapFlagAndUidState> mFlagState;
  nsIMAPNamespace                  *mNamespaceForFolder;  
  PRUint32  mBoxFlags;
  PRUint32  mSupportedUserFlags;
  PRInt32   mFolder_UIDVALIDITY;
  PRUint64  mHighestModSeq;
  PRInt32   mNumOfMessages;
  PRInt32   mNumOfUnseenMessages;
  PRInt32   mNumOfRecentMessages;
  nsCString mAllocatedPathName;
  nsCString mHostName;
  nsString  mUnicharPathName;
  char      mHierarchySeparator;
  PRBool    mFolderSelected;
  PRBool    mDiscoveredFromLsub;
  PRBool    mOnlineVerified;
  nsImapProtocol *mConnection;	// do we need this? It seems evil