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Bug 449941 comm-central build system shouldn't set webdav as a default extension. r=Callek

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(95F53544-F445-48d1-B3A2-D54AA020BC3D)]
interface nsIShellService : nsISupports
   * app types we can be registered to handle
  const unsigned short MAIL = 0x0001;
  const unsigned short NEWS = 0x0002;
  const unsigned short RSS  = 0x0004;

   * Determines whether or not Thunderbird is the "Default Client" for the 
   * passed in app type.
   * This is simply whether or not Thunderbid is registered to handle 
   * the url scheme associatd with the app.
   * @param aStartupCheck true if this is the check being performed
   *                      by the first mail window at startup, 
   *                      false otherwise.
   * @param aApps the application types being tested (Mail, News, RSS, etc.)
  boolean isDefaultClient(in boolean aStartupCheck, in unsigned short aApps);

   * Registers Thunderbird as the "Default Mail Client" for the
   * passed in app type.
   * @param aForAllUsers   Whether or not Thunderbird should attempt
   *                       to become the default client for all
   *                       users on a multi-user system. 
   * @param aApps the application types being tested (Mail, News, RSS, etc.)
  void setDefaultClient(in boolean aForAllUsers, in unsigned short aApps);

   * Used to determine whether or not to show a "Set Default Client"
   * query dialog. This attribute is true if the application is starting
   * up and "" is true, otherwise it
   * is false.
  attribute boolean shouldCheckDefaultClient;