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Part of bug 575740 - more js component fix up, and abort build if there are missing manifests. r=bienvenu. Part of bustage fix for CLOSED TREE

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#ifndef _nsMsgFilterService_H_
#define _nsMsgFilterService_H_

#include "nsIMsgFilterService.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"

class nsIMsgWindow;
class nsIStringBundle;

// The filter service is used to acquire and manipulate filter lists.

class nsMsgFilterService : public nsIMsgFilterService

  virtual ~nsMsgFilterService();

/* clients call OpenFilterList to get a handle to a FilterList, of existing nsMsgFilter *.
  These are manipulated by the front end as a result of user interaction
   with dialog boxes. To apply the new list call MSG_CloseFilterList.
  nsresult BackUpFilterFile(nsILocalFile *aFilterFile, nsIMsgWindow *aMsgWindow);
  nsresult AlertBackingUpFilterFile(nsIMsgWindow *aMsgWindow);
  nsresult ThrowAlertMsg(const char*aMsgName, nsIMsgWindow *aMsgWindow);
  nsresult GetStringFromBundle(const char *aMsgName, PRUnichar **aResult);
  nsresult GetFilterStringBundle(nsIStringBundle **aBundle);

  nsCOMArray<nsIMsgFilterCustomAction> mCustomActions; // defined custom action list
  nsCOMArray<nsIMsgSearchCustomTerm> mCustomTerms; // defined custom term list


#endif  // _nsMsgFilterService_H_