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Part of bug 575740 - more js component fix up, and abort build if there are missing manifests. r=bienvenu. Part of bustage fix for CLOSED TREE

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typedef unsigned long nsMsgFolderFlagType;

/// Flags about a folder or a newsgroup.
interface nsMsgFolderFlags {
   * @name Folder Type Flags
   * These flags define the type of folder. Exactly one will be set.
   * @{
  /// This folder is a newsgroup folder.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Newsgroup       = 0x00000001;
  /// This folder is a news server.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType NewsHost        = 0x00000002;
  /// This folder is a mail folder.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Mail            = 0x00000004;
  /** @} */

  /** Whether this is a directory: NewsHosts are always directories;
   *  NewsGroups can be directories if we are in ``show all groups'' mode;
   *  Mail folders will have this bit if they are really directories, not files.
   *  (Note that directories may have zero children.)
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Directory       = 0x00000008;
  /** Whether the children of this folder are currently hidden in the listing.
   *  This will only be present if the nsMsgFolderFlags::Directory bit is on.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Elided          = 0x00000010;
  /// Whether this is a virtual search folder
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Virtual         = 0x00000020;

  /** @name News Folder Flags
   *  These flags only occur in folders which have
   *  the nsMsgFolderFlags::Newsgroup bit set, and do
   *  not have the nsMsgFolderFlags::Directory or
   *  nsMsgFolderFlags::Elided bits set.
   *  @{
  /// Whether this folder represents a subscribed newsgroup.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Subscribed      = 0x00000040;
  /// Used to be for new newsgroups added by the `Check New Groups' command.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Unused2         = 0x00000080;
  /** @} */

  /** @name Mail Folder Flags
   *  These flags only occur in folders which have
   *  the nsMsgFolderFlags::Mail bit set, and do
   *  not have the nsMsgFolderFlags::Directory or
   *  nsMsgFolderFlags::Elided bits set.
   *  @{
  /// Whether this is the trash folder.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Trash           = 0x00000100;
  /// Whether this is a folder that sent mail gets delivered to.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType SentMail        = 0x00000200;
  /// Whether this is the folder in which unfinised, unsent messages are saved for later editing.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Drafts          = 0x00000400;
  /// Whether this is the folder in which messages are queued for later delivery.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Queue           = 0x00000800;
  /// Whether this is the primary inbox folder.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Inbox           = 0x00001000;
  /// Whether this folder on online IMAP
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ImapBox         = 0x00002000;
  /// Whether this is an archive folder
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Archive         = 0x00004000;
  /// This is a virtual newsgroup
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ProfileGroup    = 0x00008000;
  /// Used to be for categories
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Unused4         = 0x00010000;
  /// This folder got new msgs
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType GotNew          = 0x00020000;
  /// This folder is an IMAP server
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ImapServer      = 0x00040000;
  /// This folder is an IMAP personal folder
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ImapPersonal    = 0x00080000;
  /// This folder is an IMAP public folder
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ImapPublic      = 0x00100000;
  /// This folder is another user's IMAP folder.  Think of it like a folder that someone would share.
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ImapOtherUser   = 0x00200000;
  /// Whether this is the template folder
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Templates       = 0x00400000;
  /// This folder is one of your personal folders that is shared with other users
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType PersonalShared  = 0x00800000;
  /// This folder is an IMAP \\Noselect folder
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ImapNoselect    = 0x01000000;
  /// This folder created offline
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType CreatedOffline  = 0x02000000;
  /// This imap folder cannot have children :-(
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType ImapNoinferiors = 0x04000000;
  /// This folder configured for offline use
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Offline         = 0x08000000;
  /// This folder has offline events to play back
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType OfflineEvents   = 0x10000000;
  /// This folder is checked for new messages
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType CheckNew        = 0x20000000;
  /// This folder is for spam messages
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Junk            = 0x40000000;
  /// This folder is in favorites view
  const nsMsgFolderFlagType Favorite        = 0x80000000;
  /** @} */