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Part of bug 575740 - more js component fix up, and abort build if there are missing manifests. r=bienvenu. Part of bustage fix for CLOSED TREE

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIMsgWindow;
interface nsIMsgIncomingServer;
interface nsIRDFResource;
interface nsIRDFNode;
interface nsISimpleEnumerator;

[scriptable, uuid(61a08c3a-1dd2-11b2-b64f-c4b2de1cf129)]
interface nsISubscribeDataSource : nsISupports {
    readonly attribute boolean hasObservers;
    void NotifyObservers(in nsIRDFResource subject, in nsIRDFResource property, in nsIRDFNode object, in boolean isAssert, in boolean isChange);

[scriptable, uuid(f337b84a-1dd1-11b2-97c7-fb8b2e3f2280)]
interface nsISubscribeListener : nsISupports {
  void OnDonePopulating();

[scriptable, uuid(14b8597a-755b-4e93-b364-e0903801e6ea)]
interface nsISubscribableServer : nsISupports {
  attribute nsISubscribeListener subscribeListener;
  attribute char delimiter;

  void startPopulating(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in boolean forceToServer, in boolean getOnlyNew);
  void startPopulatingWithUri(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in boolean forceToServer, in string uri);
  void stopPopulating(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);

  // return true if state changed, false otherwise
  boolean setState(in AUTF8String path, in boolean state);

  void subscribeCleanup();

  void subscribe(in wstring name);
  void unsubscribe(in wstring name);

    void commitSubscribeChanges();

    // other stuff
  void setIncomingServer(in nsIMsgIncomingServer server);
  void addTo(in AUTF8String aName, in boolean addAsSubscribed,
            in boolean aSubscribable, in boolean aChangeIfExists);
  void setAsSubscribed(in AUTF8String path);
  void updateSubscribed();
  void setShowFullName(in boolean showFullName);

  // if path is null, use the root
  boolean hasChildren(in AUTF8String path);
  // if path is null, use the root
  boolean isSubscribed(in AUTF8String path);
  // if path is null, use the root
  boolean isSubscribable(in AUTF8String path);
  // if path is null, use the root
  AString getLeafName(in AUTF8String path);

   * Returns the children underneath the specified uri (path).
   * @param  aPath  The server's uri; If this is null or empty, then the
   *                root server uri will be used.
   * @return        Enumerator containing the children.
  nsISimpleEnumerator getChildren(in AUTF8String aPath);
  // if path is null, use the root
  AUTF8String getFirstChildURI(in AUTF8String path);

  // for searching
  void setSearchValue(in AString searchValue);
  readonly attribute boolean supportsSubscribeSearch;