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Part of bug 575740 - more js component fix up, and abort build if there are missing manifests. r=bienvenu. Part of bustage fix for CLOSED TREE

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The mail session is a replacement for the old 4.x MSG_Master object. It
 * contains mail session generic information such as the account manager, etc
 * I'm starting this off as an empty interface and as people feel they need to
 * add more information to it, they can. I think this is a better approach
 * than trying to port over the old MSG_Master in its entirety as that had a
 * lot of cruft in it....

#include "nsIFolderListener.idl"

interface nsIFile;
interface nsIMsgWindow;
interface nsIMsgUserFeedbackListener;
interface nsIMsgMailNewsUrl;

[scriptable, uuid(577ead34-553e-4cd6-b484-76ff6662082d)]
interface nsIMsgMailSession : nsISupports {
  void Shutdown();

   * Adds a listener to be notified when folders update.
   * @param  aListener    The listener to add.
   * @param  aNotifyFlags A combination of flags detailing on which operations
   *                      to notify the listener. See nsIFolderListener.idl for
   *                      details.
  void AddFolderListener(in nsIFolderListener aListener,
                         in folderListenerNotifyFlagValue aNotifyFlags);
   * Removes a listener from the folder notification list.
   * @param  aListener    The listener to remove.
  void RemoveFolderListener(in nsIFolderListener aListener);

   * Adds a listener to be notified of alert or prompt style feedback that
   * should go to the user.
   * @param  aListener    The listener to add.
  void addUserFeedbackListener(in nsIMsgUserFeedbackListener aListener);

   * Removes a user feedback listener.
   * @param  aListener    The listener to remove.
  void removeUserFeedbackListener(in nsIMsgUserFeedbackListener aListener);

   * Call to alert the listeners of the message. If there are no listeners,
   * or the listeners do not handle the alert, then this function will present
   * the user with a modal dialog if aMsgWindow isn't null.
   * @param aMessage    The localized message string to alert.
   * @param aUrl        Optional mailnews url which is relevant to the operation
   *                    which caused the alert to be generated.
  void alertUser(in AString aMessage, [optional] in nsIMsgMailNewsUrl aUrl);

  readonly attribute nsIMsgWindow topmostMsgWindow;
  void AddMsgWindow(in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow);
  void RemoveMsgWindow(in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow);
  boolean IsFolderOpenInWindow(in nsIMsgFolder folder);

  string ConvertMsgURIToMsgURL(in string  aURI, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);
  nsIFile getDataFilesDir(in string dirName);