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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 07:47:47 +0100
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Bug 1440490 - Move l10n related functions into calL10NUtils.jsm - part 4 - Migrate getLtnString. r=MakeMyDay MozReview-Commit-ID: DRN181PLsSh

# This file exists to support comm-central from building with mozilla-central
# as a subdirectory to building as a subdirectory of mozilla-central.

# In order to have mozconfig files that support building in either
# configuration during the transition, without duplicating the logic
# in every mozconfig file, there needs to exist a file that exists at the
# same path in mozilla-central and comm-central.

# This file sets some variables that can be used by the rest of the mozconfig
# to find other include files.

if [ -d "$topsrcdir/mail" ]; then
  # Building with comm-central as top-level directory.
elif [ -d "$topsrcdir/comm/mail" ]; then
  # Building with mozila-central as top-level directory.
  echo "ERROR: Unknown build directory layout."
  exit 1