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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIAbCard.idl"
#include "nsIAbDirectory.idl"

interface nsIAddrDBAnnouncer;

[scriptable, uuid(5d7e5a7a-1ac9-46dc-abfd-758c98be26e9)]
interface nsIAddrDBListener : nsISupports {

  void onCardAttribChange(in unsigned long abCode);

   * Handle the card entry change event.
   * @param     aAbCode         The code to indicate the type of event
   *                            (see nsAddrDatabase.h AB_NOTIFY_CODE for values).
   * @param     aCard           The card entry on which the event occurred.
   * @param     aParent         The parent of card entry.
   *                            If set to null, the event can be ignored.
   *                            This happens during import & sync operations when
   *                            listeners of a database need not be notified about
   *                            card entry changes.
  void onCardEntryChange (in unsigned long aAbCode,
                          in nsIAbCard aCard,
                          in nsIAbDirectory aParent);

  void onListEntryChange (in unsigned long abCode,
                          in nsIAbDirectory list);
  void onAnnouncerGoingAway();