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Fix bug 439620 - Calendars without proper provider deployment should be marked as "disabled". r=philipp

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#ifndef _nsOEStringBundle_H__
#define _nsOEStringBundle_H__

#include "nsString.h"

class nsIStringBundle;

class nsOEStringBundle {
  static PRUnichar     *    GetStringByID(PRInt32 stringID, nsIStringBundle *pBundle = nsnull);
  static void          GetStringByID(PRInt32 stringID, nsString& result, nsIStringBundle *pBundle = nsnull);
  static nsIStringBundle *  GetStringBundle( void); // don't release
  static void          FreeString( PRUnichar *pStr) { NS_Free( pStr);}
  static void          Cleanup( void);
  static nsIStringBundle *  GetStringBundleProxy( void); // release

  static nsIStringBundle *  m_pBundle;

#define OEIMPORT_NAME                     2000
#define OEIMPORT_DESCRIPTION              2011
#define OEIMPORT_MAILBOX_SUCCESS          2002
#define OEIMPORT_MAILBOX_BADPARAM         2003
#define OEIMPORT_DEFAULT_NAME             2006
#define OEIMPORT_AUTOFIND                 2007
#define OEIMPORT_ADDRESS_SUCCESS          2008
#define OEIMPORT_ADDRESS_BADPARAM         2010

#endif /* _nsOEStringBundle_H__ */