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Fix bug 439620 - Calendars without proper provider deployment should be marked as "disabled". r=philipp

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#ifndef nsOEScanBoxes_h___
#define nsOEScanBoxes_h___

#include "prtypes.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsIImportModule.h"
#include "nsVoidArray.h"
#include "nsISupportsArray.h"
#include "nsIFile.h"
#include "nsIImportService.h"

class nsIInputStream;

class nsOEScanBoxes {

  static PRBool  FindMail( nsIFile *pWhere);

  PRBool  GetMailboxes( nsIFile *pWhere, nsISupportsArray **pArray);

  typedef struct {
    PRUint32  index;
    PRUint32  parent;
    PRInt32    child;
    PRInt32    sibling;
    PRInt32    type;
    nsString  mailName;
    nsCString  fileName;
    PRBool    processed; // used by entries on m_pendingChildArray list
  } MailboxEntry;

  static PRBool  Find50Mail( nsIFile *pWhere);

  void  Reset( void);
  PRBool  FindMailBoxes( nsIFile * descFile);
  PRBool  Find50MailBoxes( nsIFile * descFile);

  // If find mailboxes fails you can use this routine to get the raw mailbox file names
  void  ScanMailboxDir( nsIFile * srcDir);
  PRBool  Scan50MailboxDir( nsIFile * srcDir);

  MailboxEntry *  GetIndexEntry( PRUint32 index);
  void      AddChildEntry( MailboxEntry *pEntry, PRUint32 rootIndex);
  MailboxEntry *  NewMailboxEntry(PRUint32 id, PRUint32 parent, const char *prettyName, char *pFileName);
  void        ProcessPendingChildEntries(PRUint32 parent, PRUint32 rootIndex, nsVoidArray &childArray);
  void        RemoveProcessedChildEntries();

  PRBool      ReadLong( nsIInputStream * stream, PRInt32& val, PRUint32 offset);
  PRBool      ReadLong( nsIInputStream * stream, PRUint32& val, PRUint32 offset);
  PRBool      ReadString( nsIInputStream * stream, nsString& str, PRUint32 offset);
  PRBool      ReadString( nsIInputStream * stream, nsCString& str, PRUint32 offset);
  PRUint32     CountMailboxes( MailboxEntry *pBox);

  void       BuildMailboxList( MailboxEntry *pBox, nsIFile * root, PRInt32 depth, nsISupportsArray *pArray);
  PRBool       GetMailboxList( nsIFile * root, nsISupportsArray **pArray);

  MailboxEntry *        m_pFirst;
  nsVoidArray          m_entryArray;
  nsVoidArray          m_pendingChildArray; // contains child folders whose parent folders have not showed up.

  nsCOMPtr<nsIImportService>  mService;

#endif // nsOEScanBoxes_h__