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Bug 656049 - teach comm-central to invoke r=Standard8 - Adds a new make co|checkout target to run - Adds support for: mk_add_options CLIENT_PY_ARGS="--verbose --skip-venkman" in .mozconfig to control what arguments to pass to - Adds support for: mk_add_options ALWAYS_RUN_CLIENT_PY=1 in .mozconfig to control if should pretty much always be invoked during make invocations, or limit itself to being invoked explicitely via make checkout

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIFile;

[scriptable, uuid(D34DC178-5E78-45E8-8658-A8F52D9CCF5F)]
interface nsIMsgSendListener : nsISupports {

     * Notify the observer that the message has started to be delivered. This method is
     * called only once, at the beginning of a message send operation.
     * @return The return value is currently ignored.  In the future it may be
     * used to cancel the URL load..
    void onStartSending(in string aMsgID, in PRUint32 aMsgSize);

     * Notify the observer that progress as occurred for the message send
    void onProgress(in string aMsgID, in PRUint32 aProgress, in PRUint32 aProgressMax);

     * Notify the observer with a status message for the message send
    void onStatus(in string aMsgID, in wstring aMsg);

     * Notify the observer that the message has been sent.  This method is 
     * called once when the networking library has finished processing the 
     * message.
     * This method is called regardless of whether the the operation was successful.
     * aMsgID   The message id for the mail message
     * status   Status code for the message send.
     * msg      A text string describing the error.
     * returnFileSpec The returned file spec for save to file operations.
    void onStopSending(in string aMsgID, in nsresult aStatus, in wstring aMsg, 
					             in nsIFile aReturnFile);

     * Notify the observer with the folder uri before the draft is copied.
    void onGetDraftFolderURI(in string aFolderURI);

     * Notify the observer when the user aborts the send without actually doing the send
     * eg : by closing the compose window without Send.
    void onSendNotPerformed(in string aMsgID, in nsresult aStatus);